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Porsche is a young girl that works at Raisins. She was seen attempting to cheer Stan Marsh up when he was depressed over his breakup with Wendy Testaburger.


Like all the Raisins Girls, Porsche wears the standard Raisins uniform, which consists of a white Raisins shirt and orange shorts. She has fairly long, wavy black hair and wears purple eyeshadow.

In "Unfulfilled" Porsche is seen with her regular clothes, which consists of a cyan shirt, a purple skirt and black shoes. She also wears her Raisins make-up, except for the purple eyeshadow.


Porsche is a rather sweet girl but she seems dim-witted. While meaning well, she seems oblivious to the fact that her excessive talking is annoying to some.

An example of her low IQ is shown when she mistook cancer for a canker sore (calling it a "cancer sore") during a conversation with Butters Stotch's parents.



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