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Pope Benedict XVI, born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, is a German-born priest, who was the leader of the Catholic Church from 2005 to his resignation in 2013. He appears in the Season Nine episode, "Bloody Mary", and in the Season Eleven episode "Fantastic Easter Special".


In "Bloody Mary", shortly after becoming Pope, Pope Benedict XVI was summoned to South Park after a statue of the Virgin Mary was discovered, demonstrating signs of 'Stigmata'. However, rather than bleeding from the wrists or eyes like normally expected in such 'divine' situations, the Statue was bleeding out of its ass. While the local Cardinal declared the bleeding statue to be a miracle from God, the Pope was not ascertained. After examining the statue closely (in which the Pope got a face full of blood), he declared the statue to not be a miracle, stating that the blood is not actually coming from the statue's anus, but its vagina. And since according to him "chicks bleed out their vaginas all the time," he deems that not to be a miracle.

In his next appearance, the Pope discovers that the fabled Hare Club for Men has in their possession the descendant of the true Pope of Catholicism, a rabbit named Snowball. It is revealed that Saint Peter, the person who Jesus selected to be the first Pope, was not a man, but rather a rabbit. Believing that such things were blasphemous, Benedict asked for the help of Bill Donohue and the Catholic League to capture Snowball and keep the true secret of the Church forever hidden. However, Benedict quickly began to doubt his association with Donohue whose fascist beliefs often resulted in murder and torture, with Benedict observing "That's not very Christian". When Donohue then orders the killing of Jesus, claiming that he is a threat to Christianity, Benedict attempts to put his foot down, only to be called weak by Donohue who then arrests Benedict, Jesus, Randy, Kyle, and Stan, and intends to kill them all. In the cell, Benedict apologizes to Jesus for his wrongdoings, pleading for forgiveness. Jesus however manages to escape with the help from Kyle and defeats Donohue by killing him with a throwing star in the center of Vatican City.

After Donohue's death, Benedict eventually resigns his position as Pope officially and gives it to Snowball.

Benedict appears in the episode "200", as one of the many celebrity personalities plotting against the town of South Park for mocking them.

Pope Benedict XVI is seen in a live-action segment of "A Scause For Applause". He is seen speaking Spanish instead of Latin.


Pope Benedict XVI wears white, orange, and brown robes with black swirls and brown crucifix designs. He also wears a white and gold miter with roses on it. He can be seen wielding a tall, golden crucifix. He has brown hair and very noticeable signs of aging with wrinkles on his face and neck, and bags under his eyes.


  • Despite being resigning as Pope in "Fantastic Easter Special", Pope Benedict appears in "200", still wearing the garbs of the Pope. Snowball may have died due to his short lifespan and thus succeeding back the position of Pope.


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