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Pocket was Pip Pirrip's roommate in the Season Four episode "Pip".


He teaches Pip the basics of being a gentleman, such as not putting one's knife in one's mouth, not passing gas at the table, not placing a napkin in the glasses, and not checking one's penis for scabs at the diner table. Pocket had a large collection of baby bunnies, of which Estella killed twenty five. It is logical to assume he never forgave her for her sins.

He helps Pip defeat Miss Havisham and is joyful at the prospect of a happy ending. It is announced at the end of the episode that Pocket died of Hepatitis B, which could lead to the fact that he was too good a boy and accidentally pricked himself on a drug needle through which it was contracted.


Pocket is a cheerful bloke with combed red hair, large front teeth, and a crooked smile. He wears brown pants, a red vest over a white formal shirt, and a large teal bow tie.


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