Plymouth is a planet seen in Season Fifteen episode, "A History Channel Thanksgiving".


Miles Standish and his people, the Pilgrims, are the keepers of the stuffing mines and protectors of the colonies against the invading forces from the Planet Indi. During the Battle of the Stuffing Mines, which caused the stuffing shortage during the Thanksgiving holiday, Miles travels from from his planet to Earth seeking the help from the earthlings Natalie Portman (wormhole to the worlds) and Kyle Broflovski (intermediator for the History Channel) to regain control of the battle over the stuffing mines and save Thanksgiving.


The planet of Plymouth looks like the planet of Asgard in Marvel's Thor Universe but with 17th century Puritans instead of Norse mythological elements. The planet features giant statues of Pilgrims and a city made of gold with traditional motifs of the autumn such as fields of golden yellow corn.

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