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The Pirate Ghosts also referred to as Ghost Pirates, are the main antagonists of the Season Three episode "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery".


Pirate Ghosts are initially seen when the 5th Graders (now 6th graders) try to scare The Boys on the South Park Docks.

They are then seen attacking the town at the City Hall and shooting off cannons from a ghost ship and decapitating people with their swords. By the end of the episode, Korn and The Boys set up a trap to capture the Pirate Ghosts. Afterward, it is revealed that Father Maxi had set up the Pirate Ghosts to scare everyone away from the docks because he didn't want there to be a Halloween. He used a flashlight and a few cotton swabs to create the Pirate Ghosts, a cup and a piece of cheese to create the sound effects, and some candles, a mirror, and two squirrels to create the ghost ship.

The Pirate Ghosts were also part of an ongoing argument on whether they were actually called Pirate Ghosts or Ghost Pirates.


The Pirate Ghosts all wear typical pirate outfits such as peg legs and eye patches. They also wield swords and have a large ghost ship they use to shoot cannons. They all have a green color scheme and glow. Their overall design is also different from other South Park characters and is designed similar to how Korn is portrayed in the episode.