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  • This is the first episode not to feature any of the main boys.
  • This is the first episode that doesn't show its satirical disclaimer.
  • The story remains relatively faithful to the book, up until the introduction of the Genesis device.
  • Pip's head shape is slightly different in this episode.
  • This episode is often considered to be one of the least popular and most unloved episodes of the show, with Trey and Matt themselves admitting on their own 53 worst episodes list that they do not think highly of it.
  • It is theorised that this episode was created in order to give Pip his own send off as a regular character since Butters (who Trey and Matt think is a better character) was introduced.

References to Popular Culture

  • When Pocket says "I also may point out that's it's not proper to pull out your wee-wee and check it for scabs while at the dinner table", this is a reference to a song that Matt and Trey's band, DVDA, made. The song is called "I've got warts on my dick".
  • One of the blacksmith's creations is a "metal orange", a nod to Malcolm McDowell ("The Narrator" in this episode), who is most famous for his portrayal of Alex DeLarge in the Stanley Kubrick film "A Clockwork Orange". McDowell reflects on the character of Alex De Large when he refers to himself in voice over as "Your 'Umble Narrator."
  • Tony Blair is mentioned as being the King of England despite him being the Prime Minister at the time the episode being aired.
  • At the beginning and end, "Spring" from Antonio Vivaldi's The Four Seasons is played.
  • When Pip enters the Havisham estate first, Johann Sebastian Bach's "Invention No. 2 in D minor" is played.
  • When Pip waltzes with Estella, "Dance of the Clogsfrom the opera Zar und Zimmermann (Tsar and Carpenter) and Johann Strauss II's "Annen Polka" can be heard.


  • Pip is surrounded by dead bunnies when he urges Estella to live a life with him. But in the next scene when the fusion is about to complete, these bunnies disappear.

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