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This page contains trivia for "Pinkeye". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • In this episode, Liane is singing about "creepy, crawly things" while hanging up a picture of Former U.S. President Richard Nixon.
  • When Kenny attacks the old woman, his mouth is shown for when he is biting her arm. This is the first time his mouth is shown.
  • This episode features the news reporter Midget Wearing a Bikini. He returned in the same role in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.
  • In the scene where Chef is watching the news in his house, a poster of his voice actor Isaac Hayes can be seen.
  • In the first Latin American dub, Tina Yothers is incorrectly referred to as Shirley Temple. Also, Chef says that he's dressed up as Neil Armstrong, instead of Evel Knievel. The reason for these changes is that Yothers and Knievel are not very well-known in Latin American countries.
  • Mr. Garrison's Halloween costume looks very similar the way he would look as Janet Garrison eight seasons later.
  • X acdf5f2f

    Warning Sign for the red button

    The "Russian" spoken by the cosmonauts on Mir is in fact vaguely Russian-sounding gibberish. The Tajik text, which uses the same Cyrillic characters as Russian text, on the warning light reads, Уфпхзи (Ufphzi), which is just random characters put together. Similarly, Adolf Hitler's speech in the video shown to Cartman is a meaningless string of actual German and some made-up words. One section sounds vaguely like German for "you have lovely breasts", although this may be unintentional. When Cartman imagines himself as Hitler, his speech is actually made up of backwards English phrases, including "You guys" and "Seriously, you don't know shit", and some more made-up German, ending with the phrase "God-damn it!".
  • The Russian-sounding gibberish is left untranslated in most foreign dubs, as the subtitles are not read aloud.
  • This is the episode in-which Kenny dies the most. He dies three times, which would later be tied in "Coon vs. Coon & Friends".
  • After Kenny dies and becomes a zombie, he never made any attempts to eat Stan, Kyle, or Cartman, not even when the boys insult him, but was quick enough to jump at Clyde and the people answering the doors where the boys went trick-or-treating. Right after Wendy becomes a zombie, she didn't show the same kind of commitment.
  • When the Midget Wearing a Bikini is reporting on top of a building, Jimbo Kern and Ned Gerblansky can be seen with a rocket launcher.
  • In several dubs, the theme song was unaltered.
  • This episode is the first appearance of Principal Victoria.
  • This is the first time Chef is shown without his hat.
  • This episode was the first Halloween special.
  • Kenny's grave holds the inscription, "Sleep well, little child. The Lord holds thee now." A grave with exactly the same inscription can be seen at the start of the intro from Season 17 - present.
  • A running joke in the episode is that Cartman's mom is on the cover of Crack Whore Magazine, which is later proven in the morgue.
  • Bebe is shown wearing her pink jacket that she previously wore in "Weight Gain 4000" despite being shown with her usual red jacket in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride", "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig", and "Death".
  • According to Matt and Trey, the embalming fluid that Kenny consumes was originally meant to be Diet Dr. Pepper, but Dr. Pepper refused to let them use their name since they didn't want its consumers to believe that the beverage can mortify people.
  • Zombies of the following South Park regulars were shown:
    • Kenny McCormick - Kenny is the original zombie. He was the first after the Mir space station landed on him. At the morgue, Worcestershire Sauce poured into the embalming fluid caused him to awake.
    • Chef - Chef was caught by zombies and sung a song to the "Thriller" tune, with him acting as Michael Jackson. He turned back to normal when the curse was gone.
    • Clyde Donovan - Kenny bit Clyde after he walked past. Clyde transformed during the costume contest and drowned Bebe while she bobbed for apples.
    • Pip Pirrip - Pip was caught by zombies and shown breaking into the morgue.
    • Wendy Testaburger - After Wendy was left behind by Stan, zombies emerged from the trees and killed her. Later, she appeared as a zombie. Cartman tried to get Stan to kill her saying how she ditched him at the costume contest but he couldn't bring himself to do it. She turned back to normal when the curse was broken.
    • Bebe Stevens - Bebe was bit by Clyde when she was bobbing for apples, though she wasn't shown in zombie form.

References to Popular Culture

  • The space station that de-orbits and crashes on Kenny at the beginning of the episode is the space station Mir. The Mir station was developed by the former Soviet Union, and launched into orbit in 1988. It was a research station, it eventually de-orbited in the year 2000. At the time this episode originally aired, the Mir space station had two accidents. In February 1996, the station had a fire on board, and later that year in June, it was involved with a collision with an unmanned space craft.
  • One of the morgue attendants put Worcestershire sauce on everything. Worcestershire sauce was invented 1837 by two British dispensing chemists, John Wheeley Lea and William Henry Perrins.
  • Kyle, Wendy and various other children in this episode are dressed up as Chewbacca, who is a character from the Star Wars films. It may also be a reference to the D.V.D.A song "I am Chewbacca".
  • Stan and Wendy were originally going to dress up as Raggedy Ann and Andy, two character from popular children stories written by Johnny Gruelle.
  • Cartman is dressed up as Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi party during World War II.
  • Cartman mockingly calls Stan Howdy Doody and Holly Hobby. Howdy Doody was a freckled marionette and star of a children's television series of the same name which aired from 1947-1960. Holly Hobby is a fictional character created by an artist of the same name. In the 1970s, Holly Hobby became popular when featured on American Greetings brand greeting cards.
  • South Park's doctor believes that the morticians and everyone infected with the zombie virus have pinkeye. Pinkeye's official medical term is Conjunctivitis (Latin spelling for Russian коньюктивитис), with any other bacterial infection there are various causes, types of infections, and treatments.
  • Mr. Garrison is dressed up like Marilyn Monroe, who was a famous American actress, model, and sex symbol before her death in 1962.
  • Cartman mistakenly believes that Wookies like Chewbacca live on Endor. In Star Wars mythology, the teddy-bear like Ewoks live on the moon known as Endor. Wookies live on the planet Kashyyyk. The confusion is a reference to the notorious Star Wars Holiday Special, a Star Wars themed Christmas special produced in 1978. The special is centered around Chewbacca and his family, who are depicted as living in a tree-house similar to those built by the Ewoks.
  • Mr. Garrison teaches the class about "horror writer" Jackie Collins. Collins, a novelist, in reality doesn't write horror novels, is a New York Times bestselling author who is known for her overtly sexual romance novels, such as The World Is Full Of Married Men, her first novel which was published in 1968.
  • Mrs. Cartmans's Halloween decorations include a poster of Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States. He was president for two terms between 1969 and 1974. He was most famous for his involvement in the Watergate Scandal.
  • The zombies make comments about eating brains, this cliché of the zombie movie genre was first established in the film Return of the Living Dead. This episode also parodies and uses common elements from the same film.
  • Chef is dressed up like motorcycle stuntman, Evel Knievel. Principal Victoria erroneously thinks that it's a costume of musician Elvis Presley. Later in his career, Elvis was known for wearing garish outfits that were slightly similar to Knievel's.
  • When Principal Victoria makes Cartman a "scary" ghost costume out of a white sheet, it looks suspiciously like the white robes worn by members of the Ku Klux Klan, an American white-supremacy group that was founded in 1865.
  • In Principal Victoria's office, there is a poster about "Puffy the Bear", which is a parody of fire safety mascot Smokey the Bear. She also has a picture of Kathy Lee Gifford on her shelf.
  • Kyle later changes his costume to that of Earth's Solar System. It's interesting to note that Kyle's costume includes nine planets, the ninth being Pluto, which was classified as a planet until 2006, when scientist redefined the definition of what a planet was.
  • The children's Halloween costume contest is judged by actress Tina Yothers, who was most well known for her role of Jennifer Keaton on the sitcom Family Ties. Many people in South Park believe that Tina Yothers is supposed to be dead. In reality, Yothers is still alive and well, and has last been seen on TLC's What Not To Wear in 2013.
    • In the audio commentary, Matt mentions that he later met Tina by coincidence a year after the episode originally aired, as she was performing in a band at the time, making it the first time that he had met a celebrity that the show had mocked. She revealed to him that she is actually a big fan of the show. She had also used a clip of Kyle saying "Up yours, Tina Yothers!" to start her show.
  • Mr. Garrison mistakenly believes the zombified corpse of Kenny to be a costume pattern after Edward James Olmos, an actor who's most well known for his role of Gaff in the film Blade Runner.
  • There is a poster of naked women on the wall in Chef's house, this poster looks very similar to one featured in Stanley Kubrick's 1980 adaptation of the Stephen King novel, The Shining. The poster can be seen hanging on the wall in the home owned by the character Dick Halloran (played by Scatman Crothers).
  • When once again making fun of Stan's costume, Cartman calls him Pippi Longstocking, a fictional character created by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren.
  • Wendy sends all the candy she won to starving children in Nairobi, which is the capital city of Kenya in Africa. While places in Africa are commonly associated as third world and impoverished, the city of Nairobi is actually a well developed city.
  • Officer Barbrady and the Mayor's lewd sex act supposedly have nothing to do with the "Japanese Mafia". This is a reference to the Yakuza, which is the traditional name for the original organized crime families in Japan. What the Yakuza could actually hope to gain from the spectacle Chef walks in on is anyone's guess.
  • The fat man handing out candy is ironically wearing a shirt that says "Let's Get Physical". The phrase is from the song Physical, a 1981 song written by Steve Kipner and Terry Shaddick, and performed by Olivia Newton-John. The music video for the song featured a lot of over-weight men exercising.
  • When the boys trick-or-treat at Chef's house, Chef almost cuts them up with two chainsaws. The chainsaw is the clichéd weapon of choice for killing zombies, made popular by the 1981 cult classic, The Evil Dead.
  • When Chef is turned into a zombie, he becomes a parody of Michael Jackson in the music video of the 1983 song, Thriller. Chef also sings a song that sounds similar to the Jackson song, as well as gets into a choreographed dance routine with other zombies, just like in the video.
  • At the end of the song, when Chef pulls open his shirt and shouts "OOOOOOOOH!", that's another reference to Michael Jackson, however, it was something that Jackson did in the music video for his 1991 song, Black or White. The end of the video featured Jackson doing this same move.
  • According to the Worcestershire sauce hot-line, to cure people of being zombies, you have to kill the original zombie. This is actually more common with Vampire mythology as opposed to zombie lore.
  • One of the tombstones in the cemetery where Kenny is buried has a statue of Orgazmo, the super-hero character from the film of the same name.
  • When Bebe is bobbing for apples, Mr. Garrison says: "Use those mouth muscles like the girls in Beijing". This is a reference to prostitution.
  • The bottom-right corner of "Crack Whore" Magazine says "Back Do' Ho. Five on One Action!"
  • Kenny's arm popping out the grave at the end of the episode could be a reference to the surprise ending of the film Carrie.
  • The entire Zombie aspect of this episode is a homage to Return of the Living Dead. Everything from the doctors describing the zombies' symptoms to the emergency hotline number on the "embalming fluid" container is a throwback to the plot of Return of the Living Dead.
  • In the final scene, a tombstone statue of Orgazmo can be seen in the background. Orgazmo was a 1997 film done by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.


  • At the beginning of the episode the Russians in the Mir space station wear suits with a Netherlands flag, which is essentially a Russian flag in the wrong sequence.
  • The Spanish text on the warning light reads "UNA PROBLEMA", but it should be "UN PROBLEMA".
  • Kenny's lost arms have been re-attached to his body several times.
  • When Chef is confronted by Johnson, his front door is somehow open after immediately sidestepping Johnson, even though it was closed upon Chef's arrival.
    • Also, his front door opened outward, even though most houses in the U.S. and on the show typical open inward. Later in the episode, his door opens inward when the boys arrive.
  • When the boys are shown walking towards Chef's house, the doorknob is on the left side next to the house number. When the boys ring his doorbell, the doorknob moved to the right next to the doorbell.
  • There are numerous animation errors when the boys walk in to the classroom and notice the other kids with Chewbaca masks:
    • In the first shot, Fosse McDonald is walking into the room, his shirt is missing the white stripe and suspenders. When he turns sideways to sit down they briefly reappear and disappear again after he sits down.
    • When Fosse is walking towards his desk, there are quite a few empty seats. After sitting down, a close up shot of the kids in the classroom in shown. All the seats are now filled and Fossie has moved towards the middle of the front row, next to someone in a dark blue jacket.
    • Kenny's partially open mouth can partially seen through his hood when Kyle express his disbelief about everyone dressed as Chewbacca.
    • When Stan walks up to Wendy, the seats are empty again except for 2 Fosse McDonald with the missing white strips and suspenders sitting across from each other.
    • When the camera focuses on Wendy Jason has been replaced by Fosse in his regular clothing. When it switches to Stan, the other Fosse has been replaced by Bill Allen.
    • After Stan starts to hit his head against a desk, Fosse and Bill walk past Stan towards the back row, even though they both were sitting at their desk in the front row.
    • When Mr. Garrison tells the kids to take their seats, the front row now has Bill Allen at the far left, Fosse and a second Bill Allen then walk and sit in the middle front row seats and Stan is seated at the far right desk.
    • When Wendy screams in horror at Kenny's arm falling off, they're now both in the front row and two Bill Allens can be seen in the back row.
    • After Mr. Garrison tells Kenny to keep his arm to himself, Stan is now shown sitting further back and next to Kyle.

Kenny's Deaths

Kenny dies a total of three times in this episode, depending on the definition of death.

  1. Crushed by the Mir space station, revived as a zombie via Worcestershire sauce.
  2. Cut in half by Kyle to end the zombie curse.
  3. Kenny rises from the dead only to be crushed by a statue and crashed into by a plane.

Hidden Visitor(s)

Three visitors can be found in this episode

  • At the morgue a miniature visitor is seen in a jar.
  • Another visitor can be seen when Liane Cartman is decorating the house.
  • It is seen back at the morgue, on a calendar.

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