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Episode no. Season 1
Episode 7
Guest stars Jennifer Howell
Production no. 107
Original airdate October 29, 1997
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"Death" "Starvin' Marvin"
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"Pinkeye" is the 7th episode of Season One, and the 7th overall episode of South Park. It first aired on October 29, 1997.[1]


A mishap at the morgue transforms the residents of South Park into brain-eating zombies and threatens the boys' night of Trick-or-Treating.[1]


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Plot details follow.

The MIR Space Station crashes on Kenny McCormick at the bus stop on October 30, killing him. He is taken to the morgue where he is drained and filled with embalming fluid. However, one of the two coroner's bottle of Worcestershire sauce falls into the embalming fluid, contaminating it and turns Kenny into a zombie. He breaks out of the morgue, biting the coroners on his way out.

The next morning, Kenny shows up at the bus stop as normal while the boys are waiting to go to school, oblivious that he has become zombie. Each boy is dressed up for the costume contest at school (For which the top prize is two tons of candy).

  • Stan is dressed up as Raggedy Andy.
    • Wendy is supposed to dress as the companion Raggedy Ann, making them a shoe-in for the candy. However, she dresses as Chewbacca.
  • Kyle has on a store bought Chewbacca costume.
  • Cartman is dressed in a Adolf Hitler costume his mom made him.
  • Kenny is mistaken as a celebrity.

At the local doctor's office, the morgue workers are beginning to turn into zombies, however the doctor diagnoses it as pinkeye.

The kids arrive at school only to discover everyone in the class, including Mr. Hat and Wendy, have dressed as Chewbacca save for Mr. Garrison who is dressed as Marilyn Monroe. Seeing Wendy as Chewbacca angers Stan, because he is now forced to go around as Raggedy Andy all day long for no reason, much to his humiliation.

Meanwhile, at the Cartman residence, Liane Cartman decorates the house and yard for Halloween, including putting a poster of Richard Nixon, completely and happily oblivious to the zombies attacking people on the street.

Back at school Kyle, disgruntled that he has the same costume as everyone else, decides to work up a new costume for the contest while Principal Victoria and Chef are upset over Cartman's costume. Principal Victoria makes Eric a ghost costume to amend the problem (however it ends up looking like a Ku Klux Klan robe instead). Meanwhile, Kenny attacks and bites Clyde when he walks past him.

Kyle arrives at the costume contest in the gym with a new costume, a working model of the solar system, but Wendy's Chewbacca costumes earns her first place and the two tons of candy (which she promptly gives to starving children in Nairobi). The judge awards gives Kenny second place for his "Edward James Olmos" costume (his zombie state) and Stan "worst costume ever" for his "stupid clown thing". As Mr. Garrison says "Let's bob for stupid apples", zombie Clyde drowns Bebe who is bobbing for apples as the zombies run out of control.

Across South Park the zombies continue to attack, although everyone still believes it is simply pinkeye. As night falls on South Park the boys prepare to go trick-or-treating, with Kyle now dressed as Count Dracula, just as Chef realizes that the pinkeye epidemic is actually a wave of the living dead. Wendy tries to apologize for humiliating Stan, but Stan rejects her.

Chef goes to the doctor seeking help and attempts to explain what's going on, but the doctor does not believe him. Suddenly, zombies break into the clinic, forcing Chef to escape out the window but the doctor gets eaten. Chef arrives for the Mayor's office to warn her and Officer Barbrady (who are up to something kinky and corrupt involving money), but they do not believe him either. As the zombies continue to ravage the town, the boys, also oblivious of the zombies, head off to go trick-or-treating. However, Kenny keeps biting everyone before they can get any treats, so the boys ditch him on the way to Chef's house. Chef pulls the boys inside and after some discussion head to the morgue to get to the bottom of the zombie matter.

While at the morgue they discover the bottle of Worcestershire sauce as well as an issue of "Crack Whore Monthly" magazine with a picture of Cartman's mom on the cover. The zombies (able to break in with the help of a zombified Pip, whom Cartman refers to as a “Little Limey Zombie”) eventually find a way into the morgue and turn Chef into a zombie (who then sings a musical number resembling Michael Jackson's "Thriller"). The zombies then pursue the boys, who are forced to fight them off their chainsaws (except Chef, who is busy reading "Crack Whore Monthly"). Through the commotion, Kyle finds a pay phone and calls the hotline number on the bottle of Worcestershire sauce for assistance. He is connected to a British operator who tells Kyle "not to start decapitating zombies left and right”, but to kill the original zombie (Kenny) in order to turn all the other zombies back into humans. A zombified Wendy arrives and lurches towards Stan, and despite the pressure put onto him by Cartman, he cannot bring himself to kill her. She along with Chef are returned to normal when Kyle quickly cuts Kenny in half with a chainsaw, killing him. All around them the corpses of the townspeople begin to turn back to normal flesh ones, but all the living zombies than return to their original human forms.

Cartman cries at Kenny's grave while with Stan and Kyle. However, he then stops leaves to count his candy. Stan and Kyle follow him, saying they are all going to his house to find more naughty pictures of his mom. Cartman defends her by saying his mom was young and needed the money, even though the pictures came out a month ago. After they leave, Kenny comes out of his grave all stitched up but a statue from another tombstone crushes him, then a jet smashes into it.


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