Piglet is a fictional character from the Winnie‑the‑Pooh books and their Disney adaptations. He appeared in the Season Twenty-Three episode "Band in China". He is known for being Winnie the Pooh's companion since the 1920s.

He, along with other Disney characters, was imprisoned by the Chinese government after Chinese President Xi Jinping was mocked that he looked very similar to Winnie the Pooh.


Winnie and Piglet were both thrown in jail by the Chinese government after it was joked that Winnie looked like the president of China.

When Piglet and Pooh got out of jail, they walk the streets of China in search of some honey. When they find a jar in an alleyway, Randy attacks and kills Pooh.


Piglet is Winnie the Pooh's sidekick, so he spends most of his time with Pooh. He talks with a slight stutter.

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