Phil and Josh are two salesmen from Aspen. They were seen in the Season Six episode, "Asspen".


Phil and Josh are representatives of the Aspen Heaven time-share company. They held Randy Marsh, Sharon Marsh, Sheila Broflovski, Gerald Broflovski, Stephen Stotch and Linda Stotch against their will in a conference room in an attempt to get them to buy into their time-share scheme.

When the police arrived to free Randy and others it turned out the police were working with them as well. It has also been hinted at that even the President of the United States has been working for them. In the end, Randy and the others ended up purchasing timeshares.


Phil wears a teal suit with an orange shirt and a yellow tie. He has brown hair, brown eyebrows, and is balding.

Josh wears brown pants, a red vest over a lavender shirt, and a purple tie. He has blond hair, blond eyebrows, and a blond mustache.


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