PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, is a Swedish video game commentator and internet celebrity who appeared in the Season Eighteen episodes, "#REHASH" and "#HappyHolograms". PewDiePie was the most subscribed channel on YouTube until March of 2019 and specialized in the video game genre "Let's Plays".


PewDiePie is featured in the episode, "#REHASH", where his videos have mesmerized Ike Broflovski, as well as his friends, much to the anger and confusion of his brother Kyle, who Ike and his friends call "grandpa" for not understanding the appeal of PewDiePie. Seeing the appeal of making money and becoming famous for and commenting on things, Eric Cartman becomes a YouTube commentator, taking the name "CartmanBrah", and specializes in commenting on other peoples' commenting.

He returns in "#HappyHolograms" to stop CartmanBrah. After doing so, he plays Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and thanks South Park for featuring him in the show.    

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