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Peter Nelson made his first appearance in "Make Love, Not Warcraft".[3] He is a co-worker and friend of Randy Marsh at the South Park Geology office. Nelson is also a member of the Cult of Cthulhu, and the Hare Club for Men. In "Broadway Bro Down", he is revealed to have a wife.


Nelson has long gray hair and glasses. He wears a green shirt, pocket protector, and brown pants. He usually wears a green shirt except when he is attending a Cthulhu cult ritual, then he has a black robe.


Nelson seems rather calm and uninterested in whatever is going on. When Randy was showing off his avatar in World of Warcraft, he casually remarked on how it was killed easily by the griefer. Even when he is interested he still acts very passive about it such as football, marijuana, and blow-jobs from his wife.



Video Games

South Park Double Bunny

Peter Nelson is one of two playable characters in the game, the other being Randy.


  • Randy has had several co-workers named Nelson; in "Goobacks", Randy is fired by a Mr. Nelson. In "Bloody Mary", an off-screen Nelson from work says goodbye to Randy.
  • The Broadway Musical he took his wife to was called Wicked.