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Peter Galtman is the head of the school calendar committee. He appears in Season Twenty-One episode, "Holiday Special". In his debut appearance, Galtman helps Randy Marsh protest against Columbus Day, aiding him in bashing Christopher Columbus and making everyone believe Randy is not a racist for once openly admiring him. However, his attitude changes later.


At the beginning of the episode, Peter Galtman is persuaded by Randy to believe that Columbus is a hypocrite and murderer. He is supportive of Randy's movement, so as the head of the school calendar committee, he decides not to celebrate Columbus Day this year, which outrages all children at school.

Once the boys find evidence to expose Randy, they get Galtman on phone to try to intimidate him into revolting against Randy. But since Galtman stays away from social media, he is unable to check out the evidence himself. The boys resort to kidnapping him and take him to Stan's house to show him the evidence through VHS. Finally, he begins to doubt Randy's legitimacy.

Peter ends up getting punched in the face by Randy when he is totally freaking out.


Galtman is a balding man with brown hair and glasses. He wears a plaid sweater, gray sweater, and a white undershirt.


  • Galtman states that he never uses social media himself because he thinks that it is full of fake news.
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