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The People's Army Soldiers are rebel soldiers who work for the People's Army of Costa Rica that appear in the Season Three episode, "Rainforest Shmainforest".


In the episode, the Getting Gay With Kids choir gets lost in the Costa Rican rainforest after their tour guide is eaten by a snake. The choir runs into a People's Army soldier who brings them to their camp, making them think they are going to be rescued. There, Ms. Stevens explains to the children that the People's Army is "fighting the Fascist policies of their Fascist government". They try to ask for help from the rebel leader by giving "a gift of song". He replies, "We're not getting gay with any kids", then tells them to get out before they kill them because he hates Americans. Just then, government troops arrive and start a battle, during which the choir narrowly escapes.


They are of varying appearances and all have black hair. They predominantly wear green and neutral colors and carry guns. A couple of them have lighter skin than the others.

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