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  • Stan and Kyle BroflovskiKyle wore their winter hats to the water park but Stan takes his off (only in the wavepool part).
  • Cartman further displays his racism as he sings a song about being against Native Americans, Asians, Mexicans and African-Americans.
  • This is one of few episodes in which Kenny is seen without his parka on (however, as per usual his face is hidden, by the other children, camera angles etc.).
  • Kenny's hair is a lot "fuzzier" than normal in this episode. However, in the promo pic, it was the closest to the original style from Bigger, Longer and Uncut, despite changing in the later episode, "The Jeffersons".
  • It is shown that Cartman believes that everyone has until 2012 to live, which some think will be end of the world.
  • This episode is ironic for Kyle as in "Summer Sucks"; he, Stan and Kenny openly mock Cartman for learning to swim in the public pool, because the first graders pee in the pool. In this episode, however, he is openly horrified at the idea of people peeing in the water and ends up being forced to drink and then swim in nearly pure pee, while the others (including Cartman) remain unconcerned.

References to Popular Culture

  • This episode is based on the movie 2012.
  • While the scientists tested urinal effects on monkeys, one yelled they were infected with rage. This might be a nod to the movie 28 Days Later.
  • The part where Kyle has to drink three cups of urine so he can swim to the depths without getting squashed by the fluid pressure is a reference to the movie The Abyss, where the main character has to breath in fluid oxygen so his lungs wouldn't implode.
  • When Randy is holding a red shoe at the end is referenced the ending of the 1993 snowy action flick "Alive".
  • The head of the fake Statue of Liberty flying to the ground could be a reference to the movie "Cloverfield", in which that particular event occurs at the start of the monster attack (used heavily in advertising for the movie).
  • It appears that Kurt Russell is one of the firefighters that responds to the Pee Crisis - Russell played a firefighter in the movie "Backdraft".

Kenny's Death

Kenny drowns in the pee, making his third and final time he dies in Season Thirteen (the first 2 being "The Ring" and "W.T.F"). In contrast, the first two times he died near the end of the episode, this time he died earlier on. This is also the third time in general South Park history that he dies unhooded.


  • When the scene starts where the boys are in the wave pool, Kenny is wearing goggles; but when Stan starts talking, he is not wearing them.
  • In the wave pool, Stan has taken his hat off but later, when climbing the Everest ride to escape the pee meltdown, he has it back on. He had also been wearing it in another pool while Kyle was still unaware of the pee.
  • Cartman was shown with four fingers and five toes.

Hidden Visitor(s)

  • There is a Visitor at the end of the episode by the ambulance, holding a banana, with swimming trunks and sunglasses. He disappears in the next shot.
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