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Paul Watson is a Canadian fighter for animal rights. He is shown in an episode "Whale Whores" as a captain of the ship "Sea Shepherd" fighting against Japanese killing dolphins and whales in his TV show "Whale Wars" (real world TV show).

Mocking his controversial methods of lying to his audience, Watson is depicted as an idiotic glory-hound in search of getting attention for his shown in the most pathetic means possible. When faced with an Japanese Whaling ship, he suggests that they beat themselves up and lying about being attacked, or throw rancid butter at the Japanese ship. He is then killed when a harpoon goes through his head, pinning him to the wall, causing Stan to step up and take over the ship. Stan shoots the Japanese boat's fuel supply with a flare gun, blowing it up. Stan's more proactive approach make him more popular and competent than Watson.


Despite being a Canadian, he was not depicted like one, as with other Canadians in South Park. Instead of having an egg-shapped flapping head like, for example Ike Broflovski, he is fully defined with a normal head. This also happened to Tom Green, Alanis Morrisette and "Star Wars Kid".

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