For other uses, see Patty (disambiguation).
For other uses, see Nelson (disambiguation).

Patty Nelson is a girl that appeared in "Le Petit Tourette" that Eric Cartman blurts out that he has a crush on, and fantasizes about kissing, much to her disgust. She is one of the few women or girls in the show that Cartman has ever been shown to be attracted to, the only others being Ms. Ellen in "Tom's Rhinoplasty", Wendy Testaburger in "Chef Goes Nanners", and Heidi Turner in Season Twenty and Season Twenty-One.



Patty wears a purple jacket with black cuffs, a black skirt and black stockings. She has black hair and has a purple and white polka-dot hairband.


  • She shares the same last name as Tammy Nelson; it is unknown if the two characters are related.


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