Patches was a border collie dog owned as a pet by Marvin Marsh when he was younger. She made her only appearance in a photograph in the Season Sixteen episode "Cash For Gold".


When Stan hears his grandfather Marvin call into the J&G Shopping Network to buy a piece of jewelry for him, he confronts his grandfather about it. Marvin asks Stan if he's ever been told about his border collie named Patches, to which Stan says that he has. Marvin says that he tried to keep himself from feeling sad after Patches died and claims he can't remember what she looked like.

At the end of the episode, Stan gives his grandfather a framed photograph of Patches and a younger Marvin petting her.


Patches had the usual colors of a border collie, with white and black fur. Marvin describes her as having a "slobberin' happy face".

Video games

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Marvin mentions her in idle dialogue, wishing she was still around, and how she used to get him condoms.

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