Pat Robertson is the host of the CBC Network, the Christian Broadcasting Channel. He appears in the Season Three episode, "Starvin' Marvin in Space".


The CBC Network is in charge of missionary works all over the world. In CBC commercials, Pat Robertson is always asking the audience to donate money to fund missionary work. His slogan is:

"God wants you to send us money."

He is constantly asking donations to spread the word of Jesus Christ around the world such as in Ethiopia to save their souls. When news of the Marklar planet is reported, Pat immediately starts fundraising for an interstellar cruiser, the XT-9000. He fundraises for more and more powerful equipment to enable the XT-9000 to get to the Marklar planet first and stop their competitors. As news of the mission comes in, Pat stutters with announcing the new terms.


He is determined to convert every person and species to Christianity no matter what. He does not respect others or care about their needs, such as fundraising to spread Christianity to the starving Ethiopian tribe instead of meeting their basic needs.


Pat Robertson has gray hair, thick eyebrows, a wrinkled face, and a prominent nose and ears. He is often scowling. He wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt with a white collar, dark green pants, and black shoes.


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