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The Park County Pee-Wee Hockey Team is a kindergartner ice hockey team that appears in Season Ten episode "Stanley's Cup".


Stan's bike gets repoed due to unpaid parking tickets. To settle the ticket fees, he is forced to become the coach for the Park County Pee-Wee Hockey Team, which he played for the team at age four.

The players consist of kindergartners. Despite being a hockey team, the members are all poorly-skilled players.

The team competes in the Pee-Wee Hockey League. One of their members, Nelson, has cancer and expects the team to win the match. He counts on Stan to help train the team to win. Due to his medical condition, Stan assigns Ike Broflovski onto the team to substitute for Nelson for the teams' next big match against the Denver Pee-Wee Hockey Team.

At their first game, they compete against the Adams County Pee-Wee Hockey Team. During the match, the players are shown to be very incompetent in the sport. None of the players made a score, and the game ends in a tie.

Later in the episode, after the team arrives at the stadium, the opponent team fails to show up. Instead, the Colorado Avalanche make the pee-wee team play for them against the Detroit Red Wings.

The Kindergartners were severely injured due to their opponents being adults who are a lot taller, more experienced, and physically-shaped. As a result of their loss, Nelson loses hope and dies in his hospital bed.

List of Team Members[]

Note: All members listed are non-contemporaneous.

  • Coach: Stan Marsh - First as a team member at age 4 (#7), later as a coach at age 9.
  • #2: Ike Broflovski - Is brought on to replace Nelson.
  • #3: A black-haired kid.
  • #6: Morgan - The brown-haired kid with part of his hair in front of his eyes.
  • #7: A red-haired kid.
  • #8: Another brown-haired kid.
  • #10: A blonde kid.
  • #13: Nelson Brown - Is unable to play due to his leukemia, later dies after the team's defeat by the Detroit Red Wings.
  • #15 - The goalie of the team who has light brown hair and is a little bit fatter than the other kids.


The Park County uniform consists of a green helmet, white jerseys, and green gloves. Their gear is of the brand CLK.


All quotes are from "Stanley's Cup":

  • #8 to Stan: "Coach, I have to go potty."
  • #15: "My mommy said I'm as big as the sky!"
  • Nelson: "I don't wanna have cancer!"
  • #10: "Are we gonna get cancer if we play with Nelson, Coach?"
  • #6: "Coach, please don't let us lose to Adams County. My daddy will beat me again."
  • #7: "They look pretty strong, coach. I think Nelson's gonna die for sure."
  • #3: "In the movies, they always go out and find a kid who's really good to join the team."
  • #6 to Stan: "I hate you, Coach. I hate you."

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