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The Park County Courthouse first appeared in the Season Twenty-One episode, "White People Renovating Houses". Randy and Sharon attempted to sue the rednecks of the town for protesting and ruining their show, with Darryl Weathers leading the defense. An unnamed judge presided over that case. Ultimately the Marshes made a deal with the rednecks to provide them with work.

In Season Twenty-Two's episode "The Problem with a Poo", Mr. Hankey drafted Kyle as his representation in his 'defecation' lawsuit against Ambien took place in the courthouse and was broadcasted live on television. This attempt failed because of the defense of Mr. Waithouse and when Hankey grew enraged and slandered multiple parties, including the whole "system".

The building briefly appears in "Nobody Got Cereal?" where, in an upstairs conference room, Stan represents himself and the town as he negotiates with ManBearPig to get him to agree to stop attacking them but in return, amongst a long list of terms, ultimately wreak more havoc one thousand years after the deal.


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