Park County Community Center, also known as South Park Community Center, is a public building in South Park. Its first appearance was in the episode "Death".

It appears totally changed in the Season Twenty-Two episode "The Scoots". Besides the Halloween decorations, the building's name has been changed from "Park County Community Center" to "South Park Community Center" and the parking zone has been eliminated.



The exterior of the center is an rectangle shaped building painted yellow with red stripes near the top and a sign displaying it to be the "Park County Community Center", or "South Park Community Center" in "The Scoots". The door is in the center of the building.

Rooftop: The rooftop appeared in "Night of the Living Homeless". It had rooftop fans and various other bric a brac.


Scouts Hall: The Scouts Hall is seen in "Cripple Fight". It has tables arranged in an 90 'E' shape and has many decorations littered around. Big Gay Al was the scoutmaster until he was fired for his sexual preference. Mr. Grazier then took over, however he was a pedophile and took naked photographs of the scouts.

Main Hall: The Main Hall appeared in three episodes, "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow", "Grey Dawn" and "Cartoon Wars Part I". It had a television set, bleachers and emergency supplies. Flanking the entrance are a bulletin board and a trophy case.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

Main Quest

As part of the quest to recruit the Goth Kids, the New Kid is instructed to take a "Fuck the Conformists" sign into the community center. The town are speaking about the new Taco Bell being built. Randy tries unsuccessfully to speak to everyone about the Visitors he and the New Kid saw.

After the meeting, the New Kid tries to put the sign up but is stopped by Randy, who explains to him about the Taco Bell and instructs him to go and investigate. Before the New Kid leaves, Randy teaches him the Sneaky Squeaker.

When the New Kid returns with the information, Randy agrees to let him take a picture of the "Fuck the Conformists" sign.

Side Quests

Mr. Mackey can be found here, where he sends the New Kid on a quest to take his computer to his storage locker. Once this is done, he friends him.




  • Vamporko - Found in the basketball court by the community center.
  • Gophermon - Found in the far left bathroom stall.


  • Cheese Helmet - Can be purchased off Mr. Mackey.
  • Cheese Costume - Can be purchased off Mr. Mackey.
  • Cheese Gloves - Can be purchased off Mr. Mackey.


  • Rod of Major Boobage - Can be purchased off Mr. Mackey.
  • Batdadarang - Can be purchased off Mr. Mackey.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Main Quest

In To Catch a Coon, The Coon is finally found here, where Mitch Conner confronts the Freedom Pals and a fight ensues. This fight is difficult, since Mitch Conner continues to cheat throughout the fight. After he is defeated, he is taken to the Freedom Pals base.

Side Quests

One of Mr. Adams' headshots can be pinned on the noticeboard at the back.


Coonstagram Followers

  • Mr. Hankey - Found in one of the girls' toilet cubicles after being blasted out the toilet (Sandblaster required).

Yaoi Art

  • Room for One More - Found in one of the Men's toilet cubicles. (Timefart Pause Required).


  • Arcane Eye Mask - Found on a tree to the left of the building.
  • Hot Bot Helmet - Found in the yellow chest on top of the community centre. (Timefart Pause required).
  • Hot Bot Suit - Found in the yellow chest on top of the community centre. (Timefart Pause required).


  • Randy's Colon Creation - Found after blasting he blockage in the men's toilet. Required to make the Necrotic Idol.
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