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The Pangolin, also known as a "Scaly Anteater", is a mammal belonging to the order Pholidota found mostly in Asia and Africa and was suspected to be the headway to the possible cure for COVID-19. The Pangolin appears prominently in the Season Twenty-Four episode "The Pandemic Special".


After Randy believes he started the COVID-19 pandemic from having intercourse with a bat in China, he watches a news report where a group of pandemic specialists was able to find out where the virus started, revealing that it started not from a bat, but rather from a Pangolin. Randy realizes that he also had intercourse with the Pangolin and sets out to South Park Viral Research Center to steal the pangolin from the specialists so he doesn't get caught.

The specialists soon find out that the Pangolin was stolen and set out to find it so they can get a cure for the pandemic. Later on, Randy brings the Pangolin to Build-A-Bear Workshop so the specialists can find the cure, but it is taken by Cartman, who was about to put it through the Do-Over A Bear machine at the workshop so he doesn't have to go back to school. However, he spares the Pangolin's life after Stan gives a speech about wanting the world to go back to normal. After Cartman was convinced, he gives the Pangolin back to the head specialist, but both the specialist and the Pangolin were set on fire and killed by President Garrison with a flamethrower, who asks people to vote for him as the South Park residents run and scream in fear.

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