Panamanian Padengo Pequeño is a Panamanian child once held by ICE who was adopted by the White Family for their current adoptive son Alejandro to look after.


The child wears an oversized worn blue cap with a torn light blue t-shirt, green pants, and black shoes with white laces. His appearance is very disheveled and unwashed, and he has a crooked overbite. After adoption, his appearance remains this way.


Panamanian first appeared in "Season Finale" as a child that Bob White could adopt for their current adopted son Alejandro to look after. He is with the Whites when they are protesting the trial of Randy Marsh. After Alejandro runs away and starts to destroy buildings and cars the White family confronts him, but this child does not appear to be with them. He later reappears with the Whites at Randy's speech.

Panamanian appears again in "Basic Cable" in the Blacks vs. Whites series on Amazon Prime Video.

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