Pabst Blue Ribbon is a real beer featured in the Season Fifteen episode, "The Poor Kid" and in Season Eighteen episode, "Gluten Free Ebola".


According to the crime reality show White Trash In Trouble, drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon while being "White Trash" can make a person "not help getting arrested". Kenny left one can of it in the refrigerator of his foster family, replacing the normal Dr. Pep-er. When the foster parents drank it, they began fighting. As a result, they were then arrested, thus proving that they are also white trash.

In the Season Eighteen episode, "Gluten Free Ebola", an empty can of Pabst Blue Ribbon is found in the Marsh Residence while the USDA conducts a search for a possible gluten exposure.

In the Season Twenty-Three episode, "Christmas Snow", Pabst Blue Ribbon, along with many other alcoholic beverages were served in the South Park Christmas carnival.


  • Pabst Blue Ribbon is a real and popular alcoholic beverage.
  • At the end of "The Poor Kid" a fake advert for Schiltz beer is shown. This was a popular cheap beer made by the same company that makes Pabst.
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