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[[Image:PrimusChefAid.jpg|thumb|300px|PRIMUS playing at [[Chef Aid]]]]
[[Image:Lesclaypool.JPG|thumb|300px|Les Claypool in [[Chef Aid: Behind the Menu]]]]
'''PRIMUS''' is the band that composed and performed the [[South Park Theme]], and the frontman of the group, [[Les Claypool]] sings the song. Les Claypool is somewhat a South Park character as well, with a few appearances on the show. He appears in the opening, singing the theme song in most of the episodes of the show from seasons 1-4 ("[[Cartman Gets an Anal Probe]]" to "[[Do The Handicapped Go To Hell?]]") He also appears on the intro when the show airs in syndication.
They made an appearance in the [[Season 2]] episode "[[Chef Aid]]" playing at the concert to support [[Chef]].
PRIMUS performed "South Park Theme" and "Mephisto and Kevin" on ''[[Chef Aid: The South Park Album]]''.
PRIMUS' song "[[John the Fisherman]]" was played in the episode, "[[Guitar Queer-o]]". While studying the nature of existence, Kyle has a psychedelic experience while the song "Welcome To This World" is played in [[Tooth By Fairy Tats 2000|Tooth Fairy Tats 2000]].
Les Claypool appeared in [[Chef Aid: Behind the Menu]], in which he talked about [[Chef|Chef's]] influence on his career.

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