PC Principal was introduced in the Season Nineteen premiere episode, "Stunning and Brave".


PC Principal is the current principal at South Park Elementary. He replaced Principal Victoria after she was supposedly fired (ostensibly because she was not taking action against a student referring to rape as "Hot Cosby"). He is also an Alumni member of the PC Delta.

Though acting antagonistic towards the Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and anyone else who is not "PC", he is merely a pawn in the grand scheme of the season.


PC Principal has dirty blond hair and a beard, slightly resembling Stuart McCormick. He visibly had a mustache, which is now stubble. He wears a blue polo shirt, khaki pants, and dark, sporty sunglasses.


PC Principal is, as the name suggests, politically correct. He also appears to be a bully, beating up Cartman and breaking several of his bones. Otherwise, he's manipulative, using violence to make Cartman follow up on the PC fad. He is a maniacal idealist who passionately supports equal rights for all to the point of being extremely rude and violent to anyone who shows even the slightest perceived sign of intolerance of any kind. He is prone to aggressive, profane outbursts over minor transgressions, such as a student talking during an assembly. Leslie, in particular, seems a frequent target of his ire. His punishment when not resorting to violence is up to two weeks of detention, sometimes for very minor things, such as when Butters corrected him when the former was talking about Chef. He even gives the faculty detention, giving Mr. Mackey two days of detention for using the term "Black" instead of African American.

He, and all his PC bros, are loud and obnoxious, often being characterized as stereotypical "frat guys" with one twist, an uncommon awareness of social justice issues. They are perfectly prepared to stand up for equal rights by whatever means come into their head. He has a wide range of knowledge of equal rights and is willing to scare and beat anyone who does not share his views, demonstrating a sure sign of mental instability.

Criminal Record

PC Principal has committed several offences in his so far short stay.

Assault and Battery: He viciously beats up Cartman in the bathroom severely to the brink of death for using the term "Spokesman", putting him in the hospital.

Hazing: The PC Delta fraternity engages in typical fraternity hazing practices, such as branding pledges with hot metal. Many states have legislation prohibiting this behavior. Because he is in charge of this fraternity branch, the responsibility lies on him to prevent this behavior, and thus, he is criminally responsible for hazing.

Assault / Burglary / Indirect Hate Crime: Ordered fellow frats to harass Kyle in his sleep and leave pigs - animals which are not Kosher and thus offensive to his Jewish heritage - in his room. The fact that PC Principal used non-kosher animals to shame Kyle for insulting Caitlyn Jenner means that its possible PC Principal is anti-semitic. Kyle also wakes up with shaved hair and penises on his face.

Child Labor/Forced Labor: In "Safe Space", he forces Butters to filter various people's social media accounts to get rid of negativity and shaming comments. The amount of work involved drove him to commit suicide. His suicide attempt failed, but resulted in injuries that appear in every episode since (it is unknown if these injuries will be gone by Season 20). Though he regrets making Butters do this, he comes up with a solution that is worse. His solution is to force starving African children to do the same.

Abuse/Misuse of the Emergency Number (911): Called the police for a "Code Red", which turns out to be Leslie merely interrupting an assembly. The Police, interpreting "Code Red" as an active shooter situation, entered the gym with their guns drawn, which ended near-tragically when he shined a laser-pointer into Officer Barbrady's face, causing him to panic and open fire, hitting one of the students. It turns out he only called in the police to remove Leslie from the School. This counts as both misuse and abuse of the emergency number 911 system.

Menacing: Threatens to 'break the legs" of the student who used the term "retarded" in the school newspaper. However, when the student turns out to be Jimmy, he doesn't carry out the threat and instead talks with him in his office over the matter.

Terrorism: Uses the threat of violence numerous times to encourage people to be more PC (i.e. The incident with Cartman, threating to break legs over use of the word "retarded".)

Murder: In "PC Principal Final Justice" he murders several Russians and later kills Leslie Meyers, who is really a robotic advertisement in human form.


"Watch your micro-aggressions bro!"- Stunning and Brave

"Damn it Leslie shut your fucking pie hole!" - Tweek x Craig


  • "Stunning and Brave "- Becomes the new principal of South Park Elementary.
  • "Where My Country Gone? "- Fires Mr. Garrison for his racist remarks about Canadian students.
  • "The City Part of Town "- Briefly seen during the Whole Foods inspection, and states the town has really turned itself around, P.C.-wise.
  • "Safe Space "- Helps Cartman and other celebrities with online shaming by having Butters filter their social media of any and all negativity. Later, he commends Butters for his efforts.
  • "Tweek x Craig"- He once again yells at Leslie, this time not chatting to her friend. Later he Attempts to educate Tweek and Craig in sexual consent, to their annoyance. He later calls Thomas Tucker to inform him that Craig has been in a fight. In this call, he announces Tweek as Craig's boyfriend, to their annoyance.
  • "Naughty Ninjas"- He calls the police asking to remove Leslie from the school, for chatting with her friend, despite not chatting with her friend (again).
  • "Sponsored Content"- Gets into a war with Jimmy over the school newspaper content. Later discovers he is an advertisement after a PC Bro shows him and Leslie in a picture selling insurance, much to his horror and confusion.
  • "Truth and Advertising"- Goes missing along with the rest of the PC Delta Frat, despite ostensibly being on hunger strike within their own frat house.
  • "PC Principal Final Justice"- He murders several Russians against advertising. The South Park residents, believing he's the enemy, all buy guns. He later murders Leslie, and holds an assembly about how ads want to end humanity.
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