PC Delta was first seen in the episode, "Stunning and Brave" and became the home base throughout Season Nineteen of the PC College Bros, who are a group of former college students that are mainly made up of jocks and believe in spreading PC culture values. They enjoy drinking beer and "checking other's privilege" by using shaming and bullying tactics and "crushing puss".


The fraternity was conceived by the PC College Bros from all around the U.S.A. at Crunchy's Micro Brew. The PC bros were "checking the privilege" of Randy Marsh, Gerald Broflovski, Stuart McCormick and Stephen Stotch for their perceived insult to Caitlyn Jenner.

There is a non-stop party at the house with PC bros acting like they are still in college and this is keeping Randy up at night. Randy attempts to reason with PC Principal about the noise but is forced to participate in a fraternity hazing pledge ritual.

The house was then attacked by Eric Cartman and his friends with 200 Pregnant Mexican Women, taco launchers, Syrian Refugee Children, and Jared Fogle.

In "Truth and Advertising", the whole fraternity goes on a hunger strike in order to end the town of South Park (supposedly). When Mr. Garrison, his running mate Caitlyn Jenner (armed with a revolver), Principal Victoria, and Randy Marsh (A former PC Bro seeking revenge after hearing about PC Principal's supposed secret plot against South Park) infiltrate the house, but are confused when they find nobody there.

The Name of the Fraternity

The name uses Greek letters ΡΩΔ (Rho-Omega-Delta) in imitation of real Greek Fraternities. The omega is turned on the side resembling a C and the Delta resembles an A. The name could be an acronym of Politically Correct Assholes or ROD another names for being a "Dick" or a bully.


  • The Frat consists entirely of cisgender, straight, white males.
    • This is probably to do with the overwhelming amount of "white guilt" people online in social media, who are constantly trying to show how progressive they are by forcing culturally sensitivity and acceptance of everyone, and being against "victim blaming". A perfect example is how PC Principal, claims that Cartman should not be ashamed for his weight, despite the fact it was his own actions that caused him to be made fun of.
    • They are also consistent with online "White Knights". "Social Justice Warrior" circles many of whom have been discovered to be only interested in social issues, for the sake of sleeping with women.
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