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The PC Delta is a fraternity house that first appears in the episode, "Stunning and Brave" and becomes the home base of the PC Bros throughout Season Nineteen.


The fraternity is conceived by the PC college bros from all around the United States at Crunchy's Micro Brew. The PC bros "check the privilege" of Randy Marsh, Gerald Broflovski, Stuart McCormick and Stephen Stotch for their perceived insult to Caitlyn Jenner. Finding that they share the same views, they decide to form the PC bros fraternity and move into the PC Delta.

There is a non-stop party at the house with PC bros partying like they are still in college and this keeps Randy up at night. Randy goes over to attempt to reason with PC Principal about the noise. However, the PC bros think that he is here to join their fraternity and they force him to participate in a fraternity hazing pledge ritual, successfully brainwashing him with their PC views.

In a bid to get rid of the PC bros and PC Principal, Eric Cartman and his friends later attack the house with 200 pregnant Mexican women, taco launchers, Syrian refugee children, and Jared Fogle. However, his attempt to do so proves unsuccessful.

The PC Delta appears again in "Sponsored Content" when a copy of the school newspaper headlined "PC Principal's 'Retarded' Policy" is delivered to the door. PC Principal is livid and talks about it with the PC bros.

Later, the PC bros throw a party at the PC Delta for people with disabilities. But for the most part, the event is mostly about the PC bros "scoring" with chicks instead of actually raising awareness. The next morning, as the PC bros who "scored" are handing in their consent forms, PC Principal is shown the headline of that morning's school newspaper, which reads "'PC' stands for Pussy Crushing". The PC bros freak out. Believing that they are being attacked, they put up yellow tape reading "SAFE SPACE - DO NOT CROSS" over the PC Delta to keep out reporters and harassment while they figure out what to do.

In "Truth and Advertising", the whole fraternity goes on a hunger strike in order to end the town of South Park (supposedly). Mr. Garrison, his running mate Caitlyn Jenner (armed with a revolver), Principal Victoria, and Randy Marsh (now a former PC Bro seeking revenge after hearing about PC Principal's supposed secret plot against South Park) infiltrate the house, but are confused when they find nobody there.



The PC Delta is a two-story house painted white and maroon with a gray roof. It has numerous doors on the top floor that open up to a balcony. Green party lights decorate the top floor. Ionic columns support the balcony and there are steps leading up to the front door. The Greek letters ΡΩΔ (Rho-Omega-Delta) are printed above the front door, and a banner with ΡΩΔ also hangs down from the balcony. There are used beer cups, exercise equipment and other litter strewn on the lawn. Following the events of "Sponsored Content", the exterior of the house is covered in yellow tape reading "SAFE SPACE - DO NOT CROSS".


The ground floor of the PC Delta is a large, carpeted hall where meetings and parties are held. There are numerous ΡΩΔ banners and items. The top floor has a corridor with many bedrooms of the PC bros lining both sides. The floor in the house is usually littered with used beer cups.


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