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The PC Bros first appear in the Season Nineteen episode, "Stunning and Brave". They are a group of white men comprising mainly of fresh college graduates who are jocks and believe in spreading PC culture values. They enjoy drinking beer, "checking others' privilege" by using shaming and bullying tactics, and "crushing puss".


At college bar Crunchy's Micro Brew, Randy Marsh, Gerald Broflovski, Stuart McCormick, Ryan Valmer, and Stephen Stotch discuss PC Principal and Caitlyn Jenner. They are accosted by a few men who all identify as politically correct (PC) and are forced to refer to Caitlyn as "stunning and brave". Finding that they are all like-minded, they decide to form a PC fraternity and move in together to the PC Delta.

There is a non-stop party at the PC Delta with PC bros acting like they are still in college. The party keeps Randy up at night, so he goes over to attempt to reason with PC Principal about the noise. However, the PC bros think that he is here to join their fraternity and they force him to participate in a fraternity hazing pledge ritual. They successfully brainwash him with their PC views. After making it to the final cuts, Randy and the PC bros are tasked to check Kyle Broflovski's privilege, who had called Caitlyn Jenner a phony. They break into his house at night and shame him by waking him to a room full of pigs painted with the word "Biggit".

In a bid to get rid of the PC bros and PC Principal, Eric Cartman and his friends later attack the PC Delta with 200 pregnant Mexican women, taco launchers, Syrian refugee children, and Jared Fogle. However, he fails to get rid of them; the PC bros credit the use of offensive imagery and outrageous stereotypes to successfully provoke Kyle to open his eyes.

In "Sponsored Content", the PC bros throw a party at the PC Delta for people with disabilities. But for the most part, the event is mostly about the PC bros "scoring" with chicks instead of actually raising awareness. The next morning, PC Principal collects consent forms from each of the bros who have "scored" the previous time. The PC bros also freak out multiple times in the episode about being mocked by the school newspaper. They put up yellow tape saying "SAFE SPACE - DO NOT CROSS" over the PC Delta while they figure it out.

In "Truth and Advertising", the whole fraternity goes on a hunger strike in order to end the town of South Park (supposedly). Mr. Garrison, his running mate Caitlyn Jenner (armed with a revolver), Principal Victoria, and Randy Marsh (now a former PC bro seeking revenge after hearing about PC Principal's supposed secret plot against South Park) infiltrate the PC Delta, but are confused when they find nobody there.


The name uses Greek letters ΡΩΔ (Rho-Omega-Delta) in imitation of real Greek Fraternities. The omega is turned on the side resembling a C and the Delta resembles an A. The name could be an acronym of Politically Correct Assholes or ROD another names for being a "Dick" or a bully.


Most of the PC bros are young white men fresh out of college, with the exception of PC Principal and Randy Marsh. At the end of "Stunning and Brave", they all don the same outfit of navy blue suits branded with "ΡΩΔ", white shirts with maroon ties, tan pants, dark brown shoes and sunglasses.


  • The frat consists entirely of cisgender, straight, white males.
    • This is probably to do with the overwhelming amount of "white guilt" people online in social media, who are constantly trying to show how progressive they are by forcing culturally sensitivity and acceptance of everyone, and being against "victim blaming". A perfect example is how PC Principal, claims that Cartman should not be ashamed for his weight, despite the fact it was his own actions that caused him to be made fun of.
    • They are also consistent with online "White Knights". "Social Justice Warrior" circles many of whom have been discovered to be only interested in social issues, for the sake of sleeping with women.

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