P. Diddy was mentioned in the Season Five episode, "Here Comes the Neighborhood", but he did not appear, himself and was featured in the Season Eight episode, "Douche and Turd" as an advocate for democratic voting rights.


Kyle Broflovski hires P. Diddy to persuade an indifferent Stan Marsh to vote for a school mascot. P. Diddy performed his song "Vote or Die!" in a video montage violently chasing Stan and firing a gun while using profanity.

His gang rescues Stan from PETA and murders them at their commune for literally loving animals by marrying them.


P. Diddy appears to favors violence to get his way with others and murders a group of people for having different ideals about love than himself. Seems to really care about voting even to the point of murder.


P. Diddy, as he appeared in "Douche and Turd", wears all white clothing. He wears a large fur coat, a branded white t-shirt, and white pants. He also wears dark brown sunglasses with gold frames. He has trimmed black hair and a trimmed beard. He can be seen wielding a black pistol.



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