P.F. Pityef was the owner of the P.F. Pityef Bracelet Factory who appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, "A Scause For Applause".


P.F. Pityef is first seen in his factory when Stan Marsh and Jesus Christ go there to ask for bracelets for a new cause. He explains to them the many different colors of bracelets that can be made for different causes while repeatedly switching between the usual South Park art style and an art style resembling the illustrations in a Dr. Suess book. Later on, Pityef is seen outside in Main Street selling more bracelets when the town wants to return theirs for the Belarusian Farmers and he leaves after the last penny gets spent, covering the town in bracelets. When Jesus decides to drink some HGH, he turns into a superhuman and rampages through the factory. He ends up grabbing Pityef and shoving him into one of the machines, resulting in his body getting torn apart, along with his factory to explode.


Pityef has short brown hair, brown eyebrows, and a large bushy brown mustache. He wears a navy green hat, a navy green bowtie, a yellow jacket over a red vest and a white shirt, yellow pants, and brown shoes. In the Dr. Suess style, his appearance remains the same, but the outlines on his body are thicker.

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