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| Season list ={{Infobox South Park season 12 episode list}}
| Season list ={{Infobox South Park season 12 episode list}}
"'''Over Logging'''" is the sixth episode of the [[Season Twelve|twelfth season]] of ''[[South Park]]''. It originally aired on April 16, 2008. In Canada, this episode aired on May 02, 2008.
"'''Over Logging'''" is the sixth episode of the [[Season Twelve|twelfth season]] of ''[[South Park]]''. It originally aired on April 16, 2008. In Canada, this episode aired on May 02, 2008. [[Cartman]] and [[Kenny]] did not appear in this episode.

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"Over Logging"
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Episode no. Season 12
Episode 6
Original airdate April 16, 2008
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"Over Logging" is the sixth episode of the twelfth season of South Park. It originally aired on April 16, 2008. In Canada, this episode aired on May 02, 2008. Cartman and Kenny did not appear in this episode.

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Plot details follow.


One day the citizens of South Park wake up and find the internet is gone. When Randy hears there may still be some internet out in California, he packs up his family and heads west.


Stan, Randy and Shelley are all eager to get back on the internet after being forced to go to bed the night before by Sharon. As they switch their computers on and load the internet they receive a message telling them their internet is not working.

Going to the Broflovski's house, Gerald and Sheila welcome them in, alarmed that the Marshes have no internet. Trying to get on to Kyle's, Stan discovers that it has no internet either.

After everyone in town discovers they have no internet, it becomes almost nationwide, with even the television broadcasters unable to deliver any news because there is no internet. It is soon discovered that somewhere near California (or Calafornee as everyone pronounces it) still has internet, so Randy gathers his family and they head westwards. Shelly is desperate to get back online to talk to her boyfriend Amir, who she speaks to only with e-mail, punching Stan every time he tries to comfert her.

Arriving at the camp, they are all given tickets and told to wait for their number to come up so they can use the internet. It turns out that only forty seconds is allowed for each person. Knowing he can't watch porn in public, and most certainly not in front of everyone, Randy sneaks into the room where the internet is hidden and uses the internet to watch unusual pornographic material such as content containing zoophilia and emetophilia. After people outside (including the camp wardens) hear Randy's incredibly loud moaning during masturbation, they break in to find Randy, and most of the room, covered in his own sperm. Randy blames it on a ghost and claims he is covered in ectoplasm.

At Kyle's home, the Broflovskis are all watching the news. The news (only able to report on the state of the internet) shows scientists trying to communicate with the internet using a musical code. When Kyle views the internet, he realizes what the problem is.

After arriving at the internet, Kyle is said to be the last hope. Kyle walks up to the internet and pulls the plug out and puts it back in. The internet immediately comes back up.

Back at the camp site everyones celebrating the return of the internet, Shelly's eager to start mailing Amir again when a boy behind her hears the name and he turns out to be Amir. Shelly and Amir exchange a few akward sentences and are unable to face each other, when Amir walks away with the promise to e-mail her Shelly returns to huging the computer eager to talk to Amir online again.

Randy later gives a speech that the internet is not to be taken for granted and people should not "over log" it, and that porn should only be looked up twice per day.

Cultural References

A number of films and shows are parodied in this episode.

  • The plot of the episode, the motif of going to California to look for something, and the black and white scene at the camp parody The Grapes of Wrath.
  • The Internet's holding chamber is reminiscent of the alien craft in Independence Day.
  • The notes played on the keyboard to communicate with the Internet are derived from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
  • The final scene is a parody of On Deadly Ground.
  • The vomiting porn site Randy watched say "Halo Kitty is so cute! isn't it?" "Yeah, it's so cute!" "I love it, too." in Japanese. This voice was acted by Parker's wife.
  • Near the beginning, you can see a poster in Shelley's room that is a spoof of the Hannah Montana logo.
  • Randy says that 40 seconds isn't even enough time to search Wikipedia.
  • In one or two shots there is an Advert for the film Hairspray even though it came out well before this episode.
  • When Stan tries to get on the Internet the address bar is a parody of Yahoo!.
  • When Mrs. Marsh is telling Shelly to get off the computer you can see a poster which says Sadie Dakota which an obvious spoof of "Hannah Montana"
  • When driving to Starbucks, a man named Peterson jumps in front of the car with a laptop, on the lid of the laptop it says Yoshiba, which is a spoof off of a real laptop brand called Toshiba.


  • When Randy says they are all alone, it starts to back out in layers, when it goes to last layer, you can see in far right corner a large building that looks like the Wall-Mart or Jim's Drugs, which were both destroyed in the episode Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes.
  • Just after this, it says "Monday: 8 Days Without Internet", which means the first day without Internet was Sunday. This comes in contrast with Shelley saying the first day that she had to catch up with her boyfriend before school starts, so it couldn't be Sunday, unless it was Monday and next Monday was actually "The 8th day without Internet"
  • When Gerald is talking to Randy, Randy has no eyebrows. When Randy turns around, his eyebrows are back. This happens again when Randy is at the computer, but this time it is Sharon. Her nose also changes.
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