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==The Brothers Grimsby==
==The Brothers Grimsby==
* During the scene where Sebastian Graves visits his brother, Nobby, in his apartment, Nobby's youngest son is seen watching ''[[South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut]]''.[[File:GrimsbySP.png|thumb|220x220px]]
* During the scene where Sebastian Graves visits his brother, Nobby, in his apartment, Nobby's youngest son is seen watching ''[[South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut]]''.
==Celebrity Deathmatch==
==Celebrity Deathmatch==

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"External References to South Park" is under construction. Some information may be missing.

Outside references are deliberately inserted references to South Park from TV shows, movies, and other outside sources. Please add to this list if you hear or see a reference to South Park.

According to Jim

Cheryl: "Kenny from work was just here." Jim: "That's weird, he's been dead for two years." Cheryl: "The other Kenny." Jim: "Oh good. 'Cause the dead Kenny, I owe money."

The Amanda Show

  • Episode 4 - In the Blockblister sketch, there is a list of parody movie titles, one of the parody movie titles on the list is "South Pork" which is a parody of South Park.

The Amazing World of Gumball

  • In the episode "Christmas", Gumball is seen wearing a blue hat with a yellow puffball on it, a red jacket, and yellow mittens, dressed exactly like Cartman.

American Dad

  • In the episode "The Longest Distance Relationship" Jeff and Sinbad are morphing into different animation styles, one being very similar to South Park's
  • In the episode "A Boy Named Michael", Roger is dressed in an orange parka covering most of his face, like Kenny's.

The Annoying Orange

  • In an episode of "Blockstars", The Gaming Grape imitates Cartman and Kyle.



  • Coop does "impressions of" Cartman and Mr. Garrison in the film BASEketball.

The movie was completed a year before their TV series was picked by Comedy Central.

Beat the Boss 2

  • When the boss says insults to you, an insult he might say is "Oh my god, they killed...ME! You bastards!"

Becoming Human

Adam heart christa 1
  • "Update 26 - Graffiti" - There is a drawing of Kenny made on a program that looks like MSPaint next to the whiteboard.

Boy Meets World

  • "And then there was Shawn" - Eric says "Oh my god they killed Feeny!" then he says "Oh my god they killed Kenny" later in the episode. He also does a Mr. Hankey impression.
  • "Eric Hollywood" - Eric does a Cartman impression. He says "I'm not fat, I'm festively plump"
  • "It's About Time" - In a Cartman voice, Eric says "You are Eric! You are!"

The Brothers Grimsby


Celebrity Deathmatch

  • "The New Employee" - After Flea kills Kenny G. in their Deathmatch, announcer Nick Diamond repeats the line "Flea killed Kenny G!", prompting a child in the audience to shout "You bastards!"

Close to Home (Comic Strip)

Close to home

A comic was made in which Kenny tries to get life insurance.

Crash: Mind over Mutant

  • The cutscenes "I'm Not Your Buddy, Guy" and "I'm Not Your Guy, Friend" are animated in the style of animated television series South Park.
    • Additionally, the names of the cutscenes are derived from an argument between characters Terrance and Philip and Stephen Abootman in the South Park episode "Canada on Strike".

Drake's References to South Park

"6 Man"

  • Drake raps "You know the truth, this not pretend, I'm not your friend, Not your guy, I'm not your buddy, show no loving," referencing how Canadians in South Park often address each other.

Drawn Together

  • "A Tale of two cows" (Series 2 Episode 10) - A live action cow is killing a lot of people in towns. The main characters go into the town South Park, and everyone is dead, while Kenny (ironically) is the only one alive. Ms. Choksondik has a penis in her mouth. There is a censored version where the penis is covered by a black box.
  • "The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie": In this movie, the Drawn Together show gets cancelled and gets replaced by the "Suck My Taint Show", which functions a lot like South Park. The Suck My Taint Girl herself is a parody of Eric Cartman and is one of the movie's main antagonists.

Eminem's References to South Park

Eminem has made various references to South Park in his songs.


This song does a parody of Cartman's voice. It also uses the lyric "Shove a gerbil up your ass through a tube" referring to "The Death Camp of Tolerance".

"The Kids"

  • This song is a parody of Mr. Mackey and Cartman's voices. He also says "Mmmkay". The Cartman voice says "South Park is gonna sue me", "Mushrooms killed Kenny", and "I hates hippies".

"Marshall Mathers"

  • Eminem says he is a "26 year old skinny Cartman".


  • One of the lines reads: "Looking at me like I killed Kenny".


  • One of the lines reads:

"From the north, east and west, but when It comes to them trailers in them South Parks Muffle it, cuz homie that hood's tighter than Kenny's"

Family Guy

  • "Bigfat" - Peter says that he's always wanted to go to Canada, but since South Park already has, he couldn't go.
  • "Emmy-Winning Episode" - South Park appears on the library computer as a show that has won many Emmy's.
    Kenny family guy
  • "V is for Mystery" - Kenny McCormick's skeletal remains are seen in the title sequence.


In the 4th episode, "Marquis de Carabas", Miya-Jun's car is destroyed and as the students look on, a figure of Kenny McCormick can be seen flying up in the air along with other parts of her car.

In the 5th episode, "Brittle Bullet", Commander Amano is shown in a barbershop and the animation switches between its original style and a style similar to South Park.

In another scene, Naota covers his face with his hood and gives a muffled response to Mamimi when asked about his sudden change in personality, similar to how Kenny McCormick dresses and acts



At the end of one of the comics, a character asks if he wanted Jason to upload South Park videos in a specific order.


Cartman in futurama

Eric Cartman is on the top right.

  • In the 2007 movie Bender's Big Score, Cartman's head is visible as a head in a jar, in a scene where Leela and Lars visit the head museum.

Get Fuzzy

Screenshot 2016-03-05 at 8.33.36 PM

Get Fuzzy makes a South Park reference.

In a comic published on March 5th 2016, Bucky writes a pilot script for a show that he says is going to be the most controversial and risky show of all time. Satchel tells him that what his stories are tired and hackneyed and that everything in it has been done before. Bucky argues that this is only because it's a classic, and that in 80 years, South Park will be tired and old as well. Satchel argues, saying that the concept of one episode is so bizarre that he's sure not many other shows will have done that also. What he says is obscured by censored signs, but he appears to be talking about the episode "Freak Strike", saying "What about the one where the (censored) kid glued a (censored) to his chin? Can't imagine a time when that happens too frequently."

Grandma's Boy

Inflatable toys of the boys are seen.


  • In the episode "No Strings Attached," Captain Carney tells the kids to give a big "Howdy Ho" to Grojband, a reference to Mr. Hankey.

Harold & Kumar Get the Munchies (Go to White Castle)

  • In Rosenberg and Goldstein's apartment just before Harold and Kumar set out for White Castle, there is a poster of Cartman on the wall in the background.

Holy Flying Circus

  • Michael Palin refers to future comedians who want to put Muhammad in a bear suit, a reference to "200".
  • At the end of the film, God mentions South Park among the controversial things in the future.


  • In the episode "Creepy Connie Comes a Callin'", Connie steals Luke's Kenny the Koala doll and tears its head off. When Luke discovers this, he says, "NO! They killed Kenny!"

Kanye West's References to South Park


  • Kanye responds to his portrayal on the South Park episode "Fishsticks" with the line "Choke a South Park writer with a fishstick."


  • In the episode "Captain American't/My Supernatural Sweet 16" during "My Supernatural Sweet 16", Satan appears after Ashley's dad questioning about two sweet Sixteens is a reference to the Season Ten episode "Hell on Earth 2006".


  • In Madtv Season three episode twenty-three (1997), one of the sketches is called "South Parknuts", a Peanuts and South Park animated parody. They use the "fat fuck" joke, but change it to "filthy fuck". They sing "Kyle's Mom's a Bitch", but say "Charlie frown is a big block head".


  • Death says, "I'll get the guys who do South Park. I bet they've been begging to come here."

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


In the episode "Tanks for the Memories", there is a scene where some of the main characters are seen with the boys' hats.

My Parents Are Aliens

Josh has a poster of Cartman in the episode "Chickenlover" in his room.

Negima! Magister Negi Magi

  • In the episode "No way! That's what you do for a probationary contract!?' by Asuna" - A banner reads, "SOUTH PARK".
  • In the episode "'Um... I think there are some good things about not being seen, but I do think there are times when it's better to be seen.' by Sayo", one of the figures on the boxes in Asuna's room looks like Cartman.
  • In episode 20, a segment called "Sayoth Park" which parodies the show.

The Office (US)

  • In the season 8 episode "Spooked", Stanley is dresses as a Chef, and Andy asks him if he's dressed up like Chef from South Park.

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

  • In episode 9, there is a scene in which they reference South Park.

Royce da 5'9"'s References to South Park

"On The Boulevard"

  • Royce raps "And you will never hear “Oh my god they killed Kenny”, bitch this ain’t South Park".

The Powerpuff Girls

  • In the Season 2 episode "Imaginary Friend / Cootie Gras" - Blossom is dressed up as Cartman.

Rick and Morty

Silent Hill: Origins

  • When you are outside, press the triangle button to access the map of the town. Zoom and move the cursor to the lower left corner of the map. Next to the Riverside Motel, Riverside Dr. and the Blue Catfish Diner, you will see the indication "To South Park".

The Simpsons

  • "Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"" - Homer Simpson says "Screw you guys!", a reference to one of Eric Cartman's most famous lines ("Screw you guys, I'm going home!").
  • "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife" - A guy gives Lisa Simpson an orange ABC zip-up jacket and tells her it zips all the way up, covering her head and muffling her voice. This is a reference to Kenny. But, the jacket is blue, when Kenny's parka is orange.
  • "The Bart of War" - Bart Simpson and Milhouse influenced by watching an episode of South Park. This parody however does not feature Kenny and shows characters who are not even in the actual South Park series. It also shows Cartman getting killed by "O.J. Simpson".
  • "Homer the Whopper" - One of the usernames the Comic Book Guy mentions is I_Killed_Kenny6475, a reference to Kenny's deaths. Milhouse Van Houten mentions that he possibly is this user.
  • "Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou?" - Bart, Milhouse, Nelson Muntz and Ralph Wiggum dress up as Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny respectively and meet at the bus stop, and Ralph, who has an orange hoodie on, gets hit by the bus. Otto Mann says "Oh my god I killed Kenny!"
  • The Squirt and the Whale" - Bart writes "South Park - we'd stand beside you if we weren't so scared." This is a reference to the Muslim threats that Matt and Trey got before the "200"/"201" incident, before they knew it was him.
  • "Gorgeous Grampa" - During Charles Montgomery Burns|Mr. Burns' song about evil, Cartman appears as his silhouette among other pop culture villains.
  • "Treehouse of Horror XXV" - A version of the Simpsons family in South Park-style animation appears at the end of the episode; with Bart wearing Stan's hat, Lisa wearing Kyle's hat and Maggie Simpson looking like the South Park-version of a Canadian, similarly to Ike.
  • "The Cad and the Hat" - In the couch gag for this episode, Homer notices that the portrait of the sail boat on the wall is missing and Bart accuses another animated series for stealing it. As a result, Homer travels into the South Park universe (which he describes as a "third grade diorama") and parodies of The Boys appear, Homer asks them if they stole his portrait, to which they respond by cussing at him.
  • "Whistler's Father" - Lisa gets jealous when she finds out Maggie has talent, but tries to convince herself that the two can share their talent "like the South Park guys" but she worries because "Trey does everything".



  • Alo - When Alo's mom wakes him up after arriving from his birthday party, on the left side of the bed can be seen a South Park poster written on it the opening theme song phrase "I'm going down to South Park".

The Sopranos

Splitter Pals

Splitter Pals - The Awesome Game

The player as a yellow Kenny.

  • On Level 25, you play as a yellow Kenny.

Student Bodies

  • "Snowed In" - Victor said, "Oh my god they killed flash! You bastard!"

Super Size Me

  • In the 2004 documentary, there are many parody paintings to real paintings. One of these is "The Last Supper" where many fictional characters are surrounding a very fat Ronald McDonald. One of these characters is Kyle.

Yuri!!! on Ice

Yuri on ice

Jean-Jacques Leroy's Cartman inspired look

  • In a flashback during the 12th episode, the Canadian skater Jean-Jacques "JJ" Leroy wears a winter outfit inspired by Eric Cartman's signature look.

Veronica Mars

In the Veronica Mars episode "Driver Ed", the series introduces a character named Vincent "Butters" Clemmons, whose nickname and personality is based on that of Butters Stotch's. When Veronica confronts Vincent, they have this following exchange:

Veronica: Butters?
Vincent: [bitterly] "Butters" is the name of the weak loser suck-up on South Park. "Butters" implies soft, fat-
Veronica: But oh, so delicious.
Vincent: Vincent is my given name.

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