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Origins is a story mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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Plot details follow.


You begin the game playing in Stick of Truth's fantasy genre, when The Coon interrupts and announces that the kids are now playing superheroes. You have to break into The Coon's lair and talk to him. After initially refusing to let you play, he tells you to take a seat and walks you through your backstory (the tutorial element of the game). Once accomplished, he tells you to go out, and get some Coonstagram followers.



The story begins with The Coon narrating the situation, the crime is surging in the city, and the cats are missing. Yet at this crucial time, the superheroes in the town fell apart and at war. Determined to save the city, the Coon did some research on the myth telling the ancient times. Having learnt the story of a New King uniting a broken kingdom, the Coon went to his "Time Machine", and proceeded to go to the past, hoping to find the cat, change the present......

For all.

Create the Character

Your first duty is to create your character. Like in The Stick of Truth, you begin as "The New Kid". There are no gender options (for now), but you can make your character look like a boy or a girl with the different options.

NOTE: You can choose your skin color as well, and even though Cartman says, "Don’t worry, this doesn’t affect combat, just every other aspect of your life", if you slide to the darker side of the scale, it doesn't significantly change anything in the game at all (other than the dialog and a few items).

Once you've created your character, the story will finally set in motion.

The ancient war

The time is 627 A.D, in Ancient Zaron, the realm of the Humans and Elves lived in harmony, governed by a single ruler. Despite there being no internal conflict anymore, the land was invaded by the heathens known as the Moors. Try as they might, the Fighters of Zaron cannot stop the Moors from taking over the Kingdom of Kupa Keep. With the base taken and Warrior Clyde defeated, all hope that's left is.......The King.

After the cutscene, you, the New Kid, will find yourself on a toilet.

Follow the prompts of the mini game to complete your poop. You'll want to use all Toilets in the game for XP and a special achievement.

You'll notice some cabinets, doors, and other containers are marked with yellow handles or knobs. This means you can open them. For example, there's a bottle of itch-b-gone in the cabinet on the left. Keep this in mind for the rest of the game and loot everything colored yellow. They come in different shapes and sizes, even down to the grease on some furnitures.

While still inside your house, you have the opportunity to become familiar with the controls as well.

  • Press 'Y' (Xbox)/'F' (PC) to unleash an AOE fart. This will stun enemies and gross them out before battle.
  • Press 'X' (Xbox)/'G' (PC) to punch, which can stun people or clear obstacles. Look for objects with cracks in them, as this marks them as breakable.
  • Press 'RT' (Xbox)/'V' (PC) to perform a Lil’ Toot.
  • Press 'A' (Xbox)/'Space' (PC) to interact, including actions like looting and talking.
  • Hold 'A' (Xbox)/'Space' (PC) to move objects. This is most useful for step stools, ladders, and obstacles blocking your path.

Once outside of the bathroom, you'll walk in on your parents arguing over the friends that you made in town. They will however, stop arguing as soon as you get out of the door. Look through the keyhole to your parent's room to see your father eat what's presumably a pot brownie. Make sure to loot everything up here, like the table in the hallway, and everything in your room, before heading downstairs. The toy chest contains some interesting rewards that you obtain through many means.

Check out the kitchen once you go downstairs, as there is a ton of food items free for the taking. Like delicious Lactose Free Milk, or the Macaroni component located in the leftmost cupboard. Now head outside, after High Jew Elf Kyle and Paladin Butters' pleads.

The King Strikes

The first enemy on the street will be two Moor fighters, walk up to them, and use (X) to initiate combat with a punch. Follow the prompts to learn how to fight.

This fight will only feature a single ability known as "punch", it does 40 damage and applies a 3-tile knockback, instantly destroying an enemy before heavily damaging the other via knockback combo.

After defeating the Moor fighters, continue forward to battle Three Guards of the Dark court. Another ability will be given, known simply as "Fart", it hits a column of three squares and does 30 damage while also applying a 1-tile knockback. They will be down in no time, even if you are defeated, you will be instantly revived with no consequences.

Proceed to the right, and you will arrive at Cartman's house. While looking for a way past the lava, the enemies will ambush you with a dragon, leaving you "Under Attack".

In this case, the dragon will attack first with an arrow, but it doesn't deal a lot of damage. But on the next turn, the dragon will charge up a telegraphed attack known as the "Fire Breath". Simply move out of the way and you will not be damaged. Remember, once you attack, your turn will end, so make sure you move out of the range of the Fire Breath and end your turn there.

After the Fire Breath, the third ability will be unlocked, known as the "Hammer of Heavenly Reign", use this ability to defeat the dragon in a single blow, but not before being interrupted by a car passing through.

In Butters' garage, obliterate the boxes with punches and drag the step ladder with (A) so you can climb up it to the next level. The ladder to the left takes you to the roof.

NOTE: Be ready to press (A) for a quick time event on the roof, or you'll die.

The Zaron warriors entered the kingdom, commanding the Moors to unhand the Bard. But they quickly realized that the wizard is missing.

At this moment, Cartman (as The Coon) interrupts The Stick of Truth play and recruits everyone to play Super Heroes. The others are still reluctant, but when the Coon mentioned the Freedom Pals, they are instantly encouraged. The proceeded to leave the game, leaving you alone in the backyard. Follow after them into the kitchen.

Enter The Coon Lair

Open the fridge to find Coon Cakes and the rest of the cabinets for other goods. There's a door locked by a keycode in the next room. The password is Fuck-You-Mom(3-0-7), but you have to find it legitimately, head upstairs and enter the first door to find Cartman's room.

In Cartman's room, break the lamp to the right of his bed to find his very obscene journal, which has the code inside: Fuck-You-Mom.

Continue exploring the upstairs rooms to find more items. There's a toilet that can be used in the bathroom up here. Then head back downstairs, and enter the code.

Becoming a Superhero

Coon and Friends will be deep in discussion when you enter. Afterwards, make Cartman notice you, you can achieve that by approaching Cartman or interact with the Rubik's cube on the bottom of the base. He'll ask you to bring him the Stafernisy Device.

Here, you'll learn to use the Inspection Mode by pressing 'R' (PC)/'LT' (Xbox). Head to the bottom left of the scene to find the Device (the blue exclamation point while in Inspection Mode) then bring it back to Cartman.

Now you have to choose your superhero class, between Brutalist, Blaster and Speedster. The Netherborn and the Final Girl will also be unlocked and available if the responding mission is finished.

NOTE: You can always change your class by talking to The Coon, so don't feel like you're locked in to your decision!

Selecting a class will show you the range of each of the special attacks unique to that class. When you've made your choice, Cartman will narrate your origin story. Follow his instructions. In combat, be aware of the quick time events that occur with each attack made and hit taken, as they affect the damage you deal and suffer from.

Once you've completed reliving your tragic origin story, you'll be given your first mission, and it has to do with Coonstagram.


  • The first cutscene is not skippable, if you were to attempt it, Cartman will stop the process and try to persuade you to listen to the whole thing.
    • If the attempt goes on for numerous times, Cartman will finally lose his patience and put you at the end credits, thus skipping the entire game.
  • Ancient Zaron sets at A.D 627, with Cartman's time machine set to go back 1390 years, it basically puts the time setting of The Fractured But Whole at 2017, the year it came out.
  • The first part of the mission (the entire Zaron war) was originally named "The Battle for Kupa Keep", it can't be normally seen, only when you save during the part of the story, and the name will appear on the save file.
    • The name of the first part of the mission was removed in a later update, and the Zaron battles will be considered to be within a side mission named "Hero on Patrol".
  • In earlier versions of the game, the damage of "Hammer of Heavenly Reign" was 400, just enough to defeat the Dragon. However, this causes awkward issues as this ability is not enough to finish the job on the Mastermind and the Diabolic difficulty (only 300/240 damage). The Dragon will be "put back together" in a weird manner, and the New Kid would have to initiate the attack again to proceed.
    • Possibly as a result of this, in a later update, this ability was largely boosted into a powerful attack with 1000 damage, enough to kill the Dragon no matter what.
    • This modification led to a side effect, now that the attack in this mission is boosted, the same ability when fighting Almighty King Douchebag is also boosted, now dealing 800 damage instead of the original 320. This makes the fight a lot more difficult as it can practically destroy any ally in a single hit.
  • Weirdly enough, the Dragon's den is Butters' Garage, and Butters is on the side of Kupa Keep.
    • Maybe a previous rule decision put the garage as a base for the moors.
    • It foreshadows Butters' antagonistic role in the later stories.
  • When Fastpass walk on the stairs next to The New Kid, he is supposed to say "excuse me". But he actually speaks that line when he is on a certain point on the stairs, instead of when the New Kid is next to him.
  • Simply standing next to the Coon will make him notice you, but this only works when you are approaching him from his left (AKA above him from the camera angle), he will not notice you when you are closing on him from his right.
  • A glitch could occur when you enter the Coon Lair, where Fastpass' lines can be heard, suggesting the Coon to obtain more teammates. This line is from an early promotional build, and was removed in the final game.
  • If the player enters the code to the Coon Lair correctly without having read Cartman's journal first, Cartman (as Bill Belicheck) will pop up and address the player as Tom Brady, asking if they want to play legitimately or like a "smug cheating bitch". Either way, the player still can not gain access to the Coon Lair.
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