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Operation: Blind Justice is a story mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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Plot details follow.


Sgt. Yates has another task for you. Talk to him immediately!


We find out that William from Operation: Just 'Cause was just the bottom of the totem pole, and the real culprit is someone else.

You need to go to the Kingpin's House to find the... "Kingpin". It's all the way on the east side of town, at Token's house. Check out your map to find it.

Once you make it to the house, the security guard and his dogs will be on watch, despite what Sgt. Yates tells you.

Be wary of the tree stump and bush here in this fight. They act as walls and will block even The Human Kite's laser eyes. Be mindful of positioning so you're able to actually do something useful with each turn, and don't forget about the TimeFart powers you can use every three turns.

Shortly into the fight, the Security Guard will call on two more security guards to help. So keep your health up.

After the fight, loot the yard and garage before heading inside, where you'll have to complete a weird hacking mini-game.

Use your left stick to move the phones and hacking device to the pulsating signals on the screen. Do this three times within the time limit to pass the challenge.

Head into the kitchen to find a bunch of Memberberries, then loot the backyard and the rest of the downstairs. The basement is locked. Head upstairs, looting rooms as you go.

You'll find Steve, Token's dad, in the last room. Defeating him is easy, but he does have a pretty strong right hook.

In the next scene, you'll be back in front of the house. The Coon will call and tell you to meet Coon and Friends at the hideout for a reward of sorts, starting Origins 3: The Visitor.


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