The Old People's Shopping Network, located in the Cartman's basement, was the seen in Season Sixteen episode, "Cash For Gold".


Cartman, inspired by the J&G Shopping Network selling cheap jewelry for exorbitantly high prices, hired Butters to be a sign flipper and began buying jewelry from his classmates on the playground.

Back at home, he dressed up his basement in a similar style of the studio of the J&G Shopping Network. His first customer, Mrs. Applebee, bought a $75.95 "200 karat Brazilian Emerald and Plasticine ring", which was, in reality, a toy candy ring. Cartman employed a similar manipulation techniques as Dean and his J&G Shopping Network, severely exaggerating the price of the item at eight billion dollars, then quickly dropping the price to $75.95.

When it seemed that there was not enough gold to buy, Cartman decided to go to a higher-end wholesale jewelry re-seller Gems Wholesale owned by some Asian women. The women insulted Cartman, using his own sales methods against him, causing him to leave for the source of the jewelry. Cartman and Butters then went to the India Manufacturing Inc. factory in India.


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