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The Old Farmer is an old man who occasionally advises South Park citizens on their problems, though rarely involved in them himself. He is based on the character Jud Crandall from the 1983 horror film Pet Sematary, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King.


He first appears when Butters passed by his shop while lost in "Butters' Very Own Episode". Butters asks him which road to take to go back to South Park. The old farmer then points to a cursed road, and begin describing its horrible history, reciting a quote from the book, "A lot of history on that road". The cursed road also appears in Pet Sematary.

He reappears in "Asspen" where he warns Stan about how dangerous skiing the K-13 would be, saying there was a 'wolf boy' who escaped from a mental institution up there as well as the mountain being a burial ground cursed by vampire cannibalistic Indians named the 'Witchicaw' who ate the flesh of little children.

His third appearance was in "Marjorine". After Butters faked his death, the farmer comes to his parents' house, telling Stephen Stotch not to try to bring his son back by burying his body in the Indian Burial Ground, quoting "Sometimes dead is better". Unfortunately, he is the one who gives Stephen the idea.

He reappears again in "Insecurity" at the bar when the fathers try to decide how to deal with the UPS man who is supposedly sleeping with their wives. The farmer compares the UPS man to a milkman he once knew and tells them they should kill him, and insists it's the only way. Later, he makes the same comparison to the security staff.

He later appears in "The Damned", running a farm. When Randy Marsh talks to him to learn more about the Member Berries, the farmer tells him how popular the member berries are and how he had to remove several of his other crops to make room for them.

He again returns in "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special" as an employee, possibly a curator at the Natural History Museum, warning Butters to not put the Mummy Stamp into his book, if not, a curse would be unleashed upon him.


He seems to be caring, to some extent, warning Butters of the dangers of going down a certain road in "Butters' Very Own Episode", as well as warning Stephen Stotch of the dangers of burying his son in the Indian Burial Ground in "Marjorine". However, the advice he gives almost always scares the person he is talking to more than it comforts them. Usually discussing monsters, or other horrific supernatural occurrences in the place he is talking about. His advice also always causes more problems than it could possibly solve, such as advising men concerned about the UPS man sleeping with their wives to commit murder, or warning Stephen Stotch about the horrific consequences of reviving his son in an ancient Indian Burial Ground when Stotch did not even know that the graveyard existed, making it possible for him to revive Butters.


The old farmer has gray hair, thick eyebrows, and has many wrinkles on his face, his eyes appear to be smaller than most adult characters, he also has a very wide mouth. He originally wore a dark blue shirt with rolled-up sleeves underneath a lighter blue overall. His overall had two pockets, one to the left and one to the right, there were also two black stains on the overall. Underneath his overall, he wore a white undershirt. He also wore black shoes and a yellow hat.

From "Insecurity" onwards, he was redesigned. His hat and shoes are now more detailed, as are his face and hair. He no longer wears a visible white undershirt and his overall now also has more details. The two pockets are now one central pocket and there are no longer stains to be found. He is shown to be taller than other adults in previous seasons.


Video Games

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The old farmer returns in the video game. He can be seen at the Hillvale Farm on the edge of town. He is blocking the path to Canada and will warn the player not to go back there, giving a disturbing backstory of the area. The player can pass using TimeFart Pause to push a barrel next to him and thus preventing him from moving. Once they do this and enter Canada, he will let them pass whenever they wish.

The old farmer has a role in the Bring the Crunch DLC, he serves as the narrator and the guide for the team. He can also be befriended after the story ends, going by the title "Old Mechanic".



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