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South Park Archives

The Official South Park Discord (listed on Discord as South Park) is a chat and voice server on the Discord app run by South Park Digital Studios' social media team. The server describes itself as "a community of South Park fans who want to discuss the show, show off their fan art, share memes, talk about the games, and much more".

As of March 23, 2022, there are 38,519 members. Roles include favorites of the main boys, superhero factions, as well as notification roles for South Park updates, server news, or events.

Server Staff

Discord Tag Status Since Position
2th#9354 Active October 25, 2017 Administrator
HighJewElfKing#3477 Active November 23, 2021 Hallway Monitor
JohnVM#8061 Active November 23, 2021 Hallway Monitor
SpicyLice#7516 Active November 23, 2021 Hallway Monitor
Tori#0186 Active November 23, 2021 Hallway Monitor
Alstro/Sayu#9516 Active January 19, 2022 Hallway Monitor
ARIANKA#6484 Active January 19, 2022 Hallway Monitor
loona#0023 Active January 20, 2022 Hallway Monitor
THE REAPER#1581 Active January 20, 2022 Hallway Monitor


The server was launched October 25, 2017, as the r/southpark subreddit server and was founded by a user named 2th, who also moderated the subreddit.

On November 17, 2021, ownership of the server was taken by South Park Studios, contacted by administrator 2th on Twitter, who now approves all aspects of the server including overseeing moderators and rule changes.

On January 10, 2022, they rolled out integration with South Park Archives via WikiBot, allowing members to look up any article on the wiki from within Discord itself for quick and easy reference.

Server Rules

The following is a simplified version of the server's rules:

  1. All text channels are English only.
  2. Don’t be like Scott, he’s a dick. (No harassment, racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, inappropriate language, personal drama, impersonation, etc.)
  3. No Spamming!
  4. No piracy!
  5. Keep it in the right channel.
  6. Keep all spoiler talk in the appropriate channels.
  7. No pornographic content or NSFW allowed!
  8. Do not submit story ideas or fan fiction.
  9. No promotions.
  10. No roleplay.
  11. Fan art must be properly sourced.
  12. Moderators hold final say.
  13. Respect the Terms of Service & Guidelines of Discord.

XP System

Users can also earn experience by participating in text and voice channels. Experience is used to unlock features and receive rewards within the server. The current rewards are as follows:


  • Everyone - Server emotes
  • Level 10 (Melvins) - Access to reactions, stickers, and attaching files in the appropriate channels.
  • Level 15 (Crab People) - Access to general voice chats.
  • Level 20 (New Kid)- Access to video chat, external emotes, and stickers.
  • Level 30 (Seaman) - No additional perks, but a neat role!
  • Level 40 (Mint-Berry Crunch) - No additional perks, but a neat role!
  • Level 50 (I'm super! Thanks for asking!) - Access to posting images and gifs in general-chat
  • Server Boosters (Richers) - Access to the super special Richers only chat!

Server Layout

The following is the server layout:

  • #music-madness - Channel to vote on the polls for the Music Madness South Park event.
  • #red-rocks-concert - Channel for the fans attending the South Park 25th Anniversary Concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on August 10th

Important Stuff

  • #announcements - Important announcements will be made here about events and general stuff about South Park.
  • #rules - Read the rules. We are more serious than Al Gore about this.
  • #roles-assignment - Click an emote and assign yourself a neat role!
  • #merch - Information on the latest merch from the South Park Shop.
  • #youtube - A feed of the official South Park Youtube channel.
  • #emote-and-sticker-suggestion - Suggest us images to use as emotes or stickers.
  • #suggestions-for-the-mods - Make suggestions of what you would like to see on this server!

General Discussion

  • #introductions - Introduce yourself to the community and let us know who your favorite character is!
  • #the-bus-stop - For all your general chit-chat.
  • #southpark-discussion - The place to discuss the show specifically.
  • #merch-discussion - Show off and discuss about the show merchandise.
  • #artwork - Show off any amazing artwork for the show or games that you have created or found.
  • #memes-and-stuff - Give us your best South Park memes and other stuff.
  • #pets - Give us the fluffy friends!
  • #bot-spam - View your rank and play with Wiki-Bot.
  • #wiki-discussion - The place to talk about the wiki and updates about it.


  • #general-gaming - General gaming discussion.
  • #phonedestroyer - Discussion about the mobile game Phone Destroyer.
  • #stick-of-truth - For the role-playing game Stick of Truth.
  • #fractured-but-whole - For the role-playing game The Fractured But Whole.
  • #southpark-games - All the other South Park games.

Voice Chat

  • #no-mic - Chat with people even if you don't have a microphone!
  • General Chat - General voice chat.
  • Voice Chat 2 - Just another voice channel.
  • Voice Chat 3 - One more voice channel.