Officer Peterson is a Park County Police Station cop and one of the oldest serving officers in it.


Officer Peterson wears the standard police uniform. He has gray hair and gray eyebrows. He looks to be in his 50s.


Peterson debuted in "The China Probrem". He had a cameo in "You're Getting Old". In "The Coon" Peterson is shown to be a very active supporter of Mysterion, cheering and thanking him vocally next to his superior, Harrison Yates, and the rest of the PD.

In "Pee" Officer Peterson is seen sometimes with brown hair and gray sideburns, and sometimes like his normal appearance.

Peterson served as Stan Marsh's body for his Monster Mash's Gangamestein costume in "A Nightmare on Face Time". He almost got killed by the fire of Harrison Yates and his 2 cohorts who mistook him for a member of The Redbox Killers who may have burglarized a home. He somehow managed to survive this fatal event and returned to his service position.

He is also seen in "Informative Murder Porn" and in "#HappyHolograms".

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