Officer Bright is a police officer who made his first appearance in the Season Twenty-One finale episode "Splatty Tomato".


In "Splatty Tomato", Officer Bright leads the search to find President Garrison after he is given a "splatty tomato" for his approval ratings. He shows up at the Park County Community Center to explain to the townsfolk what to do if they see the president. Later on, he is shown to have set up a "Fox trap" for the president and vomits when it is discovered that PC Principal and Strong Woman were having a sexual relationship.

Officer Bright makes a second appearance in the Season Twenty-Three episode "Basic Cable", where he talks to Sophie Gray's mother after a showed called "Crab People" comes on her TV while she tries to watch Stranger Things.


Officer Bright has brown hair cut into a buzzcut, brown eyebrows, and a brown mustache. He wears a tan cowboy hat, a police uniform consisting of a gray shirt with a tie, a black belt, gray pants with yellow lines on the sides, and black shoes. He also has a gray badge and a walkie-talkie on the left side of his shirt.

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