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The obese man on a mobility scooter appears in Season Sixteen episode "Raising the Bar".


During a Channel 4 News report on mobility scooters, news anchor Tom Thompson explained that property owners were obliged to modify their bathrooms so that mobility scooters can fit through the entrances, which caused outrage among the public. After which, a video clip was shown where the obese man was shopping in Wall-Mart when a group of kids pushed him along with his mobility scooter over, in an act known as "rascal tipping". The man was then left alone helpless, kicking and screaming on the floor.


The man appears severely overweight and travels with a green mobility scooter. He has short brown hair, a small mustache and an unshaven beard. He wears a red cap, blue T-shirt and burgundy pants. He is seen using a grabber tool while shopping.

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