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  • The theory of possible election fraud [1] is referenced throughout the episode.
  • The Hummer Salesman is having a difficult time selling Hummers, due to their expense and extremely low fuel economy.
  • General Tso's name is a running gag referencing General Tso's chicken, a dish served in North American Chinese restaurants.
  • The crowd sitting behind Barack Obama during his election speech were replicated in the episode, including the "Hair Flag Lady", who went viral. [2]
  • When Butters Stotch is hospitalized, his impaired speech is similar to Kenny's muffled speech. However, the boys can understand Kenny, but not Butters.
  • Out of the three people or groups Cartman claims cannot be trusted, Butters could be counted as the most loyal as he underwent extreme measures to keep Cartman's plan a secret, and only gave up after Kyle threatened to inform his father.

References to Popular Culture

  • This episode references the recent acquisition of Lucasfilm [3], which includes the Star Wars franchise, by Disney for $4.05 billion. It also refers to the associated controversy over where Disney will take the franchise with its upcoming films.
    • Elements from the Star Wars universe are seen, which include the AT-ST vehicle, a lightsaber weapon, Boba Fett's Slave 1 spaceship, multiple TIE fighter spacecraft, a Tauntaun, and Storm Troopers.
  • Morgan Freeman's narration in many films is referenced. The relevance is furthered by his narration of a Barack Obama campaign advertisement. [4]



  • Eric Cartman is shown arriving in Ohio at 5:00pm central time (CST), but Ohio is in the eastern standard time (EST) timezone.
  • Cartman is shown to be in Ohio at 5:00pm CST and in Las Vegas at 3:00pm PST. These both are the same moment in time.


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