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"Not Funny"
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Episode no. Season 20
Episode 09
Production no. 2009
Original airdate November 30, 2016
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"Members Only" "The End of Serialization as We Know It"
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"Not Funny" is the ninth episode of Season Twenty, and the 276th overall episode of South Park. It aired on November 30, 2016.[1]


Cartman is certain Heidi can solve the problem of getting them to Mars because she's really funny. Gerald tries to save himself by reasoning with the Troll Hunter while Garrison explores his new found military power.


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Plot details follow.

At the Park County Police Station, citizens of South Park are gathered fearful for the launch of TrollTrace. Harrison Yates tells everybody to stay calm and calls out his wife Maggie Yates various times throughout his speech. He says they can all get through this by relying on the common decency of the American people. After saying this, everybody freaks out and start to run away. At the Broflovski Residence, Kyle is sitting on his bed as Sheila screams at him for running away and taking Ike with him, while he was in timeout. Kyle says he felt bad for him and Sheila says he will be in big trouble when Gerald gets home. Meanwhile, Ike is sitting in his room as a FaceTime request from Gerald appears on the computer. Gerald tells Ike that he'll end up like his brother or mom, as Kyle appears next to Ike. Kyle asks why he trolled, Gerald tells Kyle he trolled because it was funny. He tells them to contact the President to do something about the situation in Denmark. Sheila comes in and starts yelling like a banshee, telling them to get off of the computer.

At the SpaceX headquarters, millions are outside the building angry, demanding to go to Mars. A employee tells them they don't have a way to get there yet, but that a girl who is really smart and funny is working on it. Inside, Heidi is standing in front of a whiteboard filled with equations. Cartman asks her if she figured it out yet, Heidi says she doesn’t understand any of it. Cartman encourages her telling her that girls are smart and funny.

In the background, Elon Musk tells them that they are busy and that they don't see this working out. Cartman pleads for them to give her a chance saying that Heidi is the funniest smartest girl he knows. Elon Musk says he hasn't heard Heidi say anything funny and Cartman tells him that he has a mental block in his mind that won't let him get over himself. Butters is sitting in a chair and tells them that Heidi is hysterical. Cartman gives him a angry look, jealous once again.

The door opens at the Trolltrace building where the trolls are locked into, as three people enter. Gerald immediately tells them he's not Skankhunt42. They point a gun at the trolls as Lennart Bedrager tells them to remove their clothes. They all do so as they are moved into a another room with a large glass window and they are put in chairs. Gerald pleads and admits he is Skankhunt42 but he is ignored.

At the South Park Church, people gather and pray for forgiveness and peace about their actions online. Kyle enters and tells everybody to take a stand and not allow Denmark to control their way of life. He advises everybody to call the president, many of them let out a annoyed sign.

At the Pentagon, a general tells President Elect Garrison that the world needs his calm and steady voice. He is told he has phone calls waiting for him, including from his ex-boyfriend Mr. Slave. He answers gloats a little bit. Mr.Slave tells him people want Denmark bombed. Mr.Slave starts to intimidate him, telling him he's a pussy and a bitch president. Garrison finally snaps tells his advisers to bomb Denmark, the others in the room with Mr.Slave start to celebrate.

Back at Space X, Butters goes into the bathroom as Cartman barges in. Cartman tells Butters to back off from Heidi. Butters tells him about girls leave people broken, and their hearts covered in poo. Cartman denies it and says Heidi is really smart and funny.

Back at the Broflovski Residence, Kyle and Ike are on the computer reading a news article about the bombing on Denmark. Sheila comes in and Kyle screams in terror. She threatens him, demanding he not defy her again. After Sheila says when Gerald gets home from Denmark, Kyle and Ike panic.

Gerald is crying as Dildo Shwaggins tells him to get a hold of himself and tries to comfort him. Gerald asks to speak with the person in charge, he is shown and heard saying this through a monitor in a room in the building. Lennart asks for Gerald to be brought over to the conference room.

At SpaceX again, Heidi is perplexed looking at the board. Cartman and Butters both watch, Cartman starts to argue with him after Butters tells him not to feel bad about being used. He tells Cartman about how the boys will be taken underground and milked for their seman and that the only hope for boys is to start over on Mars. Cartman says he is not being tricked and once again that Heidi is the smartest and funniest girl he knows.

At the TrollTrace building, Gerald is trying to apologize as Lennart is eating. Gerald tells him he's not a troll and he misses his family. Lennart tells him that Freja Ollengard's family misses her a lot and Gerald says that he tries to be edgy and push people's perspectives and views. Lennart tells Gerald he's not going to kill him, he sends out the other people in the room and says "Do you want to know what's really funny?"

At the Pentagon, Garrison's advisers ask if he wants to go through with the bombing, and he without consideration agrees to bomb them. He is told Kyle is on the phone, Garrison goes to answer it. Kyle tells Garrison he can't bomb Denmark as Garrison tells Kyle he can't understand the complexities of what is happening. Kyle calls him a "Dipshit Little Puppet" and they start to argue as Kyle throws insults his way. Garrison says he won't bomb Denmark and Kyle again taunts him, Garrison angrily tells everybody to call off the bombing.

Back at SpaceX, Heidi has a flashback of emoji analysis. Heidi asks if the order on the board is out of sequence. The Space X engineers say she could be onto something as Cartman begs her to say "my vagina".

At TrollTrace, Lennart and Gerald are still there, as Lennart starts to talk about his plan (he no longer is talking with a Danish accent). He talks about how the website will cause chaos across the world. Gerald asks if they would really be willing to start a third world war. Lennart says because it's hilarious and starts to rant calling Gerald a pussy for not finding their plan funny.

The employees try to enter the locked room with the trolls in it but their access card fails, they struggle to open the door. The rest of them gather in a room, curtains open revealing the trolls. A projector starts counting down and a video starts, as Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" starts to play. The employees look in confusion as Dildo says it's impressive. Lennart locks the door to the room Gerald is in as he tries to escape.

Ike is sitting looking out at the snow as Kyle comes in, telling him it's time. Sheila is sitting in bed reading a book as Ike comes in and says "Suck my balls, you're a fat bitch". Sheila screams and starts to chase him, Kyle points her in the direction to the pantry as they lock her inside of it. Kyle tells her they had no other choice because they must use the computer. Sheila keeps yelling, telling them not to use the computers. Kyle says they must use the computers it's the only thing they can do to save the family. Sheila starts screaming like a banshee gone wild once again as the episode ends.

Critical Reception

AV Club gave "Not Funny" a "C+" rating saying: "But that’s only one of many disparate subplots that has to reach some kind of satisfying conclusion in just one more episode’s time. What about the Member Berries? Where the hell did Hillary Clinton go? And like everything else, the Cartman/Heidi relationship still gets steamrolled by “Not Funny”’s dud of an ending. I suppose one could defend it as being slyly metafictional—this idea of everyone’s inability to stay away from the internet leading to all of us getting trolled all the time, even by the show itself. But as I said, that feels like a copout. South Park has proven time and time again that it can do better than the rehashed “gotcha” moment. Hopefully next week’s finale will get away from this conceit, which seems to be turning into the default strategy for the season."[2]

IGN gave "Not Funny" a "8.6" rating saying: "South Park has been pretty darned consistent this season, and "Not Funny" was no exception. This episode defied its title as it lampooned President Garrison, dredged up Mr. Slave, brought Kyle's mom back to her vengeful roots and showcased Ike's potty mouth. Even the troubled Cartman/Heidi storyline picked up quite a bit. The concern is that the season's hot streak won't hold in the finale. Can such a weird, dense season be properly resolved in only one episode? Or is it better to hope that viewers are about to be trolled as hard as Denmark itself?"[3]


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