North Park Funland is an amusement park located in North Park that Cartman buys in "Cartmanland". It was first seen in "Cartman Joins NAMBLA" when Kenny took his parents on The John Denver Experience after hearing that pregnant mothers were not advised to go on the ride. In "Cartmanland", Cartman keeps the park to himself and does not let anyone inside. However, he is soon forced to allow admissions to cover the park's expenses and becomes so dissatisfied from all the people he sells the park back to its original owner Frank Fun. It is shown again in "Super Best Friends", "Professor Chaos" and "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy", though the name isn't given, it looks similar.


The following is a list of known attractions:

  • Adventure Island- an island in the middle of a lake with wild animals. A steamboat cruises around the island.
  • Bumper Buggies- a bumper car ride.
  • Haunted Manor- a dark ride where a buggy goes through a manor with ghosts and other scary creatures popping out to scare riders.
  • Java Jam- a ride consisting of spinning giant model coffee cups
  • The John Denver Experience- a ride where people sit in a facsimile of a plane, attached to an arm with a counterweight. A lever slams the plane against the ground multiple times before finally slamming it into a pool of water.
  • The Mine Shaft- a roller coaster set inside an artificial mountain. The loading area is inside the mountain, and the track goes within the mountain and outside. an on-ride camera takes photos of riders.
  • Tornado Twister- a roller coaster that splashes into water.
  • The Yeti- a log flume that is set inside an artificial mountain.


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