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North Park is a town north of South Park in Park County, Colorado. It is first mentioned in the Season Two episode, "Summer Sucks".


In "Summer Sucks", the boys are excited for summer and intend to buy fireworks. However, they are denied when they quickly find out that fireworks have been outlawed. They learn this is so because a child from North Park was severely injured in a fireworks accident.

In "Cartmanland", Eric Cartman uses his inheritance money to purchase an amusement park for himself. The park is called North Park Funland and is purportedly located in North Park.

In "Sarcastaball", the boys, and the rest of their Sarcastaball team, play a game of Sarcastaball against a similar team from North Park. Before the game, Butters Stotch gives an inspirational speech, which motivates the South Park team to be "nicer" than the North Park team.

North Park is also featured in the season 4 episode "Cartman Joins NAMBLA". In it, Kenny can be seen on his way to his room to clean it and free up some space for his future little brother at his mother's request as suddenly an ad of the aforementioned North Park Funland pops up on the television screen in which a spokesman can be heard introducing the new ride called "The John Denver Experience". At the end of the ad, the spokesperson warns and discourages all people with heart conditions as well as pregnant women from getting on the ride. This notice makes Kenny urge his parents to visit the theme park so he can have his mother get on the ride which, on the premise of the warning in the ad, will hopefully eliminate his future brother. The attempt of getting rid of Kenny's future brother eventually falls short of Kenny's plot as his mother manages to get off the ride unharmed, ironically in contrast to Stuart, whom Kenny hasn't intended any harm ends up getting his nose broken and having a diarrhea from being turned upside down and shaken so much during the ride.


  • There is a basin called North Park in Colorado, but it is not a town.


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