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"Nobody Got Cereal?"
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Episode no. Season 22
Episode 07
Production no. 2207
Original airdate November 14, 2018
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"Nobody Got Cereal?" is the seventh episode of Season Twenty-Two, and the 294th overall episode of South Park. It aired November 14, 2018.[1]


The boys break out of jail and are on the run from the police and ManBearPig.[1]


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Plot details follow.

ManBearPig is still killing people in town, starting with a couple outside of Jared. The boys, locked up at Park County Police Station, try to convince the police officer that ManBearPig is real, and they must be let out to save the town. The cop does not listen, too busy playing Red Dead Redemption 2 to care. Cartman then tells the officer a trick he can use in Red Dead Redemption.

At the Park County Community Center, Hugh is leading an imposium on when people should start to worry. People question if their family members being killed by ManBearPig is cause for worry, until the imposium is interrupted by Satan, who bursts in to tell everyone their time has come, which only leads to another man asking if they should start to worry because of it.

Stan arrives on Tegridy Farms after escaping jail to get help. Randy tells him Sharon is looking for help and they have been trying all they can, but still refuses to believe in ManBearPig, believing it to just be a bear. Stan notices Randy has been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and berates him. Randy then lets slip that Grandpa Marsh has been going on about ManBearPig for years, leading Stan to realize he made the deal.

Kyle goes back to his house to try and find his family. He prays in his room and is visited by the "ghost" of Al Gore, who is revealed to just be using the Pepper Ghost trick. He continues to mock Kyle for the mocking he received ages ago, and, when Kyle reminds him he also got things wrong, he leaves, explaining he was only trying to be a mentor, and his only mentor was himself, before a ghost Al Gore appears to help him.

Harrison Yates and the other officers investigate another ManBearPig attack, which Yates still believes is a school shooting, and berates the officers for getting scientists to investigate. He finds out the boys escaped from prison, then believes the attack was just the boys again.

Stan visits Shady Acres to find out about the deal Marvin made. Marvin tries to act dumb, until another resident tells him that they just wanted nice stuff. Marvin then tells Stan that they made the deal to get cars and ice cream and become a better town. Stan berates him for not thinking of the future, but Marvin explains he did not think he would ever have kids, and describes the disgusting details of how Randy was conceived. Stan, disturbed, asks where the deal happens, so he can stop it.

The boys, by an instruction of Al Gore (or his "ghost"), visit the woods, where they meet Satan. Al Gore then gives a long boring speech about believing in yourself, before it was revealed that it was actually a movie. Satan explains that ManBearPig is a strong demon, and no mortal can stop it. Cartman then convinces him, as he is an immortal, to fight ManBearPig, reminding him that mankind has helped him out recently.

After a long day, Yates returns home to find Maggie once again playing Red Dead Redemption 2. Maggie, in defense, boasts that she has made her own save game, and has now got further than he has, making her better at the game. Yates then breaks down in tears.

On Main Street, ManBearPig continues to attack the townspeople. Satan confronts him to stop him, and the two start fighting. Satan is brutally beaten and stabbed with his own horn, and then left to die. As the boys speak to the reformed Prince of Darkness for what they know would be the last time, he convinces them to keep trying, before dying and going to Heaven.

The three boys then hide out at school, which Kyle believes is the safest place, as it is the last place people will think to look. He is then proved wrong when Stan comes in and tells them where they need to go. Kyle is proved wrong again when the school is surrounded by police. Before they can arrest them, Yates stops them and admits he has been a fool, and his stubbornness has affected his marriage. He then lets the boys go and save the town.

At Park County Courthouse, Stan, given power of attorney by the town, signs papers to repeal the deal. He discovers ManBearPig is not interested in cars and ice cream, and instead wants people to give up Red Dead Redemption 2 and soy sauce. He tells the townspeople this, but they are reluctant to do it. Stan then tries to set up another deal for ManBearPig to return in 5 years time, where the carnage will be bigger than ever.

Critical Reception[]

AV Club gave "Nobody Got Cereal?" a "B" rating saying: "I have to imagine the final three episodes will focus on the success or failure of Tegridy Farms, as well Mr. Hanky probably attempting some sort of comeback after his exile to Springfield. There’s certainly quite a bit to play with. I won’t lie; I figured MBP was going to be a big part of the rest of the season, but if this was the resolution of his part of Season 22, it was a satisfying way for him to go out."[2]

IGN gave "Nobody Got Cereal?" a "8.3/Editors Choice" rating saying: "The latter half of Season 22's epic two-parter definitely lacks the novelty of the first. That's to be expected given how much this episode leans on the same ManBearPig and Red Dead Redemption material. Still, it manages to escalate that conflict in amusing ways while further hammering home the climate change metaphor. The show's satirical edge is as sharp as ever this season."[3]


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