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"Night of the Living Homeless"
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Episode no. Season 11
Episode 7
Production no. 1107
Original airdate April 18, 2007
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"Night of the Living Homeless" is the seventh episode of Season Eleven, and the 160th overall episode of South Park. It aired on April 18, 2007.[1]


As an increasing number of homeless people are begging for change all over South Park, the boys work to solve the homeless problem once and for all.[1]


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Plot details follow.

Stan, Cartman, Kyle, and Kenny are annoyed to see that a group of homeless people are taking over their basketball court. Kyle immediately feels sorry for the homeless and wants to do something about it. Cartman misunderstands Kyle's thought with his, and sets up a small showcase in which he jumps on his skateboard over a homeless person. The increasing amount of homeless people is noticed by the City Council who have a meeting of what they should do. After several suggestions which dehumanize the homeless, Alexis Testaburger is the sole defender, appalled at their offensive ideas. She exclaims that the homeless are people just like them, which the council interprets as the homeless finding a way to copy their DNA. The homeless advisor of South Park says that they must be careful to not give out any money to them, which would only attract more homeless. Kyle, still feeling sympathetic for the homeless, goes out late at night and gives twenty dollars to a beggar outside his house. The gesture goes unappreciated when the man immediately asks Kyle for more money without a thank you.

The next morning, a massive group of homeless have mustered outside of Kyle's home. Kyle confesses to his friends that he gave one twenty dollar bill, but does not believe that is the sole reason of their concentration. Cartman thinks Kyle did this as a way to gather more homeless people for him to jump on skateboard. Randy Marsh, on his way home for work is swarmed by homeless people asking for change. He feels guilty and gives some change but more keep on coming, including the one he just gave to. Randy meets up with Gerald Broflovski, Jimbo Kern, and Stephen and Linda Stotch at the Community Center where they barricades themselves on the roof.

The homeless overrun the town, making getting around almost impossible. Stan and Kyle see their fathers on the roof of the Community Center in a news report before the station is cut off by the homeless. The four boys go out to help their parents, where they are picked up by one of the Mayor's aides, Ted. He tells them about the Homeless Advisor from the Council meeting and how he can help them before his car is hit by a truck and he is instantly killed. The boys escape from the car and go down into the sewers where they head to the scientist's house. From the Community Center, Gerald decides to try to get to a bus station to get help. Outside, Gerald gives away his change to the homeless to get them off his back. He soon realizes he does not have any more change for the bus and begins asking for his change back, making the rest of the adults think he is one of them.

The boys reach the scientist's house, where Cartman comes up with the plan to jump over all the homeless people to save those on the Community Center. Kyle, sick of Cartman talking about jumping over the homeless, exclaims angrily that Cartman barely cleared one homeless person. Stan misinterprets Kyle's anger and tells him to stop arguing about jumping homeless people, which frustrates Kyle further. The scientist interrupts them and explains that the homeless live off of change like food; no matter how much given, they will always want more. He also says the nearby city of Evergreen faced the same problem and managed to stop it. The homeless break into the house though and the boys escape while the scientist kills himself (after shooting himself repeatedly to no effect despite several of the shots going in his chest and brain).

Back at the Community Center, a whole new group of people reach the roof while fleeing from the homeless. As time drags on for them, things become tenser as they soon begin to run low on food. Glen, a member of the City Council, calls his wife to find out what is happening when he is able to get a signal on his cell phone. His wife tells him because of the homeless, property rates in South Park have gone down. Due to this his house is being foreclosed- meaning he is now homeless. This instantly sparks distrust in Randy. Glen starts to panic and asks for change so he can put his things in storage, which leads Randy to blow his head off with a shotgun.

The boys make it to Evergreen, the town revealed to be completely destroyed. They soon meet three camouflage-dressed men who want the boys to leave, since being children, they could not own homes. Fortunately, the boys convince the three to tell the secret to solving the homeless problem. They explained that the homeless soon gathered enough change to rent apartments- and soon buy houses. This caused fights that destroyed the town because you "wouldn't know if the person living in the house right next door to you was homeless or not," not realizing of course that owning houses would have no longer left people homeless.

One of the men tells them that he had to kill his own wife who he had been living with for 20 years because she was 'homeless', since she was not the home owner in the marriage. Kyle then finds a pamphlet on the ground that advertises South Park as a great place for the homeless. He realizes that the people of Evergreen did not solve their problem, they just sent it to South Park.

In a following confrontation, the wife the man had killed is actually still alive (albeit horribly burned) and attempts to kill him, resulting in everyone dying except for the boys. The boys realize that they must get rid of the homeless because, as Stan reasons, their parents are just as stupid as the people of Evergreen, and South Park would fall apart just like Evergreen did. They then customize a bus to drive into South Park and lure the homeless out by singing, sending them to California, like how Evergreen had sent them to South Park (With Gerald following as well still asking for change).

In California, Cartman jumps three homeless people as Stan tells Kyle he cannot see how it helps, to Kyle's annoyance.


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