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The New York kids are a group of third-graders from Season Three episode "World Wide Recorder Concert".


The New York kids call the South Park kids rednecks and queefs when they first meet, they ridicule the boys for not knowing what queef means. The boys decide to strike back by making up the word 'mung', which is actually a word. The New York Kids mercilessly point out their mistake and rip on them again. This pushes the boys further into finding the brown note and replacing the final note with it.

The result is that everyone in the world craps their pants. 20 hours later the New York Kids finally discover that the boys are culprits. They think it's cool so they apologize to the boys for ripping on them.

After that episode, they were only seen on posters at Raisins.


Like any other group, they vary in sexes and races. But unlike South Park kids, they all wear lighter clothes, and many of them have gold ornaments, which indicate their wealth.



The New York kids are stereotypical metropolitans, who have a strong prejudice against people from rural areas or smaller cities. Besides this, they are almost the same as any other kids in the show, being vulgar and uncouth. They seem to know a lot more about sexual terms than the South Park boys.




Main article: Smitty

Smitty is the leader of the group. He wears a white tank top, blue jeans, and black shoes. His name was discovered in South Park: The Stick of Truth files.

Unnamed member 1

Unnamed Member 1

Main article: New York boy with blue cap

This boy has dark brown hair and wears a light blue cap with beige edges, a white shirt under a dark blue jacket with red stripes on the sides and blue pants.

Unnamed member 2

Unnamed Member 2

Main article: New York boy with red outfit

This boy has combed black hair and wears a white shirt under a bright red outfit with white stripes on the sides and a gold chain.

Unnamed member 3

Unnamed Member 3

Main article: New York girl

This girl has short curly orange hair with a pink headband, gold earrings and wears a black shirt and light blue jeans.

Other members

The other New York Kids seen in the episode appear only in the beginning as background characters, they laugh when Smitty makes fun of the South Park kids. Unlike the other New York kids mentioned above, they are not as prominent in the episode and do not appear on Raisins posters.


  • According to the South Park: The Stick of Truth files, they were intended to appear in the game. Their appearance in the game has some differences. It is not known what their role in the game would be. The leader in the game files is named "Smitty".
  • Some of them can be seen on posters in "Raisins".


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