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The New York Boy with Blue Cap is a minor character that was seen in "World Wide Recorder Concert" and one of several characters cut from South Park: The Stick of Truth.


In his first appearance in "World Wide Recorder Concert", he is seen among the many New York kids who make fun of the boys after they arrive at the worldwide recorder concert. He is one of the boys who accompany the leader frequently throughout the episode.

In later episodes, his character design is reused as a prop for the posters and photos seen in Raisins, along with three other New York kids.

He stands out as one of only four New York kids found in the South Park: The Stick of Truth game files and also making appearances on Raisins' posters. In the game files, his character model is described as "newyork_1".

In "The Entity", an edited version of his character is seen moving to South Park and is briefly mistaken by Kyle as his cousin.


The character has brown hair and wears a blue cap with a beige brim and a white shirt underneath a light blue jacket with light edges and red side stripes and blue jeans. His second design is seen wearing a white jersey and a New York cap.




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