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Nelson Brown was a member of the Park County Pee-Wee Hockey Team who had terminal cancer. He often felt ill and weak, and was ultimately confined to a hospital bed because of his affliction. Ike replaced him on the pee-wee hockey team.

He died at the end of "Stanley's Cup" as the hope of winning the pee-wee hockey game was the only thing that was keeping him alive.


Nelson had a pale complexion and matted hair due to his cancer. He is extremely frail and pale, also due to his cancer, and he is mostly seen in the hospital. In the beginning of the episode, he is seen wearing the Park County Pee-Wee Hockey Team uniform but for the rest of the episode, he is seen in a hospital gown in a hospital.



Nelson's parents talking to Stan.

Nelson's parents were distraught over his impending death, but did not know what to say to him. They came to Stan, who was "like a father to him", to ask what to do, rather than talk to the dying child themselves.


All quotes are from "Stanley's Cup".

  • Nelson: "I don't wanna have cancer! Why me, coach? Why?"
  • Nelson: "Yeah, it's a pretty bad time for me, coach. I'm only five and I'm dying. Coach, what's it like when you die?"
  • Nelson: "How come I have to die now? I mean, how come I don't get to grow up?"
  • Nelson: "Will you do me just one favor, Coach? That game tonight? I'm gonna be watching, so... could you... make it so I don't have cancer?"
  • Nelson: "No hope. No... hope..." [dies]


  • His number on the pee-wee hockey team was 13, which is generally considered to be the unlucky number.
  • The same child who voices Nelson also voiced the mountain lion cubs in "Woodland Critter Christmas".
  • He is the first kindergarten character to ever die in the show.

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